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  1. PeterStarck

    So many choices.. PV, SA, UVC, MVHR...

    I am considering fitting these to my lift slide next year, don't know if you've seen them before.
  2. PeterStarck

    Rockwool EWI ?

    Our house has 50mm Rockwool RW6 on the outside of the OSB3 racking on our timber frame. We then had to have a 50mm air gap before the rainscreen cladding.
  3. We used treasury tags because it was one of your suggestions for keeping it tidy and it worked well. We grouped ours into pages from the spreadsheet.
  4. We used treasury tags to keep the relevant sections together. Didn't look as though they thumbed through them much.
  5. Hi, welcome to the forum. Whereabouts in Kent are you? We didn't go for ali-clad windows in the end as the price was too high but others on here have fitted them and I'm sure they'll be along soon.
  6. PeterStarck

    Bit of a rant!

    I think the people around here have sussed that our house was built on a budget as they've seen us slaving away for eight years building it and now another three months dismantling the old bungalow by hand. Wendy says having an eleven year old car in the drive also shows we're not in the GD league.
  7. We have today received our VAT refund documentation back with a covering letter stating payment will be within 20 days. This has taken just under eighteen weeks from the acknowledgement letter which took twelve days to arrive. The claim has been accepted in full and there were no queries. We used Jeremy’s spreadsheet which we modified slightly and used his suggestions about stapling invoices to A4 sheets and highlighting VAT reg no. We would like to thank Jeremy @JSHarris for his help. The invoices were separately in both our names and both names were entered as claimants on the form. A lot of the invoices were hand written with only one of our names and no address on them and others, B&Q etc, had no name or address. On receipts with ineligible items we put a line through them. One invoice stated ‘This is not an invoice’, but had an invoice number, and was accepted. The invoice from Denmark was accepted without query. We’re glad that’s over and we can now wait for the sales and buy our new settee.
  8. PeterStarck

    TP600 Compriband

    I bought our expanding foam tape from
  9. PeterStarck

    Limiting floor temperature with smart heating controls

    I guess it won't help with your problem but there are self regulating electric UFH mats that are limited to 28C.
  10. PeterStarck

    Floor structure: thinnest with MVHR

    An alternative to reducing centres or increasing depth is to increase the chord width of the metal web joist. Our maximum span is 5.9m at 254mm depth with 400mm centres but much wider chords.
  11. PeterStarck

    Beachside plots in East Sussex

    I think the clue is in the name, Camber Sands, so it wouldn't be stones pounding the patio doors they would be sand blasted.
  12. PeterStarck

    Are Solar Panels worth it now?

    If we were to fit PVs we would want all black panels with micro inverters which is not the cheapest system. I used PVGIS to estimate output many years ago when we started our build but our electricity usage is lower than we had anticipated hence the doubt about fitting them. If we ever sold the house it would seem that PVs would be expected so we are still wondering.
  13. PeterStarck

    Are Solar Panels worth it now?

    We also are procrastinating about whether it would be worthwhile fitting PVs on a similar sized area. Our electricity usage during April to September is just over 1kWh a day. If we had an EV we would fit them but is it worth it when most of the electricity would be exported to the grid. Everyone seems to think a PH should have PVs and are surprised we don't.
  14. PeterStarck

    I-Beam vs Standard timber

    Our house has a 350mm timber I-beam frame with Icynene insulation.