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  1. Yes that's where we sent ours.
  2. PeterStarck

    Help, Trying to insulate a thin wall.

    That's not quite right. Icynene is open cell and the company will carry out an interstitial condensation analysis for your wall construction to see if a VCL is required.
  3. PeterStarck

    Hi everyone from Shropshire

    Hi and welcome to the forum. It would be good to hear about your plans. Good luck with the project.
  4. PeterStarck

    Help, Trying to insulate a thin wall.

    If there was a way to keep an even thickness I would be tempted to use a spray foam, such as Icynene, which would solve the airtightness and insulation issues in one go.
  5. PeterStarck

    Insect Screen Corroding

    Yes I understand, I bought very nice looking stainless steel bullnose vents with built in insect screens but when considering the loss of flow through the 90 degree bend and the insect screen I decided not to fit them. Shame really they did look good.
  6. PeterStarck

    Insect Screen Corroding

    It's got 62% open area which is fine for my grille and ducting size.
  7. PeterStarck

    Parking outside our house: managing it sensitively.

    When we were building our house we took the hedge down to allow access for cranes etc. This left a nice large area of front garden which people thought nothing of parking in and then taking their dogs for a walk. One day I caught a chap parking and asked him what the hell he thought he was doing parking in my front garden. He was apologetic but said so you want me to move the car. I must have been having a bad day because I told him in no uncertain terms to shift it straightaway. After that several piles of pallets along the the frontage stopped further incursions.
  8. PeterStarck

    Insect Screen Corroding

    Thanks for all the replies. Looks like I'll be ordering something like this
  9. I have aluminium outlet and intake vents for the MVHR with aluminium insect screens behind. They have been fitted for a couple of years or so and today while I was cleaning the crud off the intake vent insect screen I noticed the the aluminium had started to corrode. I could replace the aluminium insect screen or try brass or stainless steel. I originally used aluminium because I thought it would negate any possible galvanic action between the vent cover and the insect screen but if it's corroding anyway would brass or stainless steel be better?
  10. PeterStarck

    Soil stack passive house

    The AAV should be above the highest drain point such as basin plug hole.
  11. I can second that. Without video evidence it would have been very difficult for me to get the foundations relaid after a complete cockup. It's all in my blog.
  12. PeterStarck

    Soil stack passive house

    That is correct. I have the main, 110mm, AAV in the bathroom behind a false wall which houses the concealed cistern. I also have an external vent around 600mm high in a flower bed near the sewage treatment plant. The BCO didn't have any problems with the setup.
  13. I had wondered, but Clive's patience is amazing.
  14. PeterStarck

    JJ I joists for external walls

    Welcome to the forum Ed. It was similar for us as we needed 350mm Steico timber I-beams but found it was cheaper to have 300mm with a 47x47mm batten nailed to the flange. The 300mm beams were available off the shelf as well. It also made it easy to fit a 47mm ledger plate for hanging the metal web joists.
  15. PeterStarck

    Tiling...many questions

    When we had to decide on grout colours, we've only got two different types of floor tiles, we ordered sample strips of grout in all the likely colours and just put them next to the tiles. I'm sure it didn't take more than a few minutes for Wendy to decide