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  1. We had a self build account with Jewsons and the manager gave us a list of all their stock items with the reduced price we would pay for each item.
  2. The book I mentioned explains balancing radiators and all aspects of CH in simple terms, it isn't highly technical.
  3. I'm not sure he wants to get all technical, just to be able to understand how things work and why.
  4. @zoothorn This is a book I had many years ago which I found very useful for explaining all aspects of CH. Can't go wrong for £2.98.
  5. Don't know if they do telescopic shallow bottle traps, don't see why not. They are better than a P trap.
  6. Where has the air tightness figure of 5 come from. It seems a very poor level.
  7. Did you do a full plans submission to building control. BCOs are very different in their approach to checking but it's a bit of a risk if the SAP says PVs and he looks for them. My BCO was relaxed about our build because be hadn't dealt with a Passivhaus before and was happy to accept a PHPP assessment instead of an as designed SAP.
  8. There're Rehau lift slide triple glazed doors.
  9. So the answer to my question is, no, because they would have to be included in the completion certificate and signed off by an electrician. The SAP and EPC is just a desk exercise but it may show up if you sell the house, but then is there anything to prevent someone removing PV panels if they don't, for instance, like the look of them.
  10. If you didn't want the cost of installing a complete system and you didn't like the look of on roof panels and it was only being done to improve the SAP rating.
  11. Don't know how feasible this is, but in this situation has anyone just fitted a couple of panels temporarily to get the SAP rating and then had them removed. Does anybody check that they are connected. Relatively easy to fit if you have a single storey extension roof.
  12. We have south facing triple glazed sliding doors and decided not to have solar control glazing. We are happy with them as they do provide solar gain in the winter and the sun doesn't penetrate very far into the room in the summer. We could easily build a brise soleil if it caused a problem.
  13. Yes we have Schneider switches and in the kitchen we have them engraved.