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  1. No problem. I was going to use the panel with one of these and one of these to power a water feature in the garden. I had an old slate water feature and drain gully which was to be the underground sump. I realised that it was a pointless waste of time and gave the various bits away on Freegle, which is where the panel will end up.
  2. Sorry didn't realise you already had a pump.
  3. I've got a roof slate PV panel. Never been used that you can have to play around with if it's of any use. Output details:- Pmpp 14.0W Impp 4.89A Vmpp 2.96V Isc 5.07A Max Voc 3.70V Max
  4. I wouldn't say large, it's only a few square metres. We have had most success with leaf cutter bees when the box has been at head height and facing anywhere from south to west. At the moment it's in a temporary position facing north and there haven't been any takers. I didn't know before but on Gardeners World, this week, they said the canes should be replaced every year.
  5. We are levelling our back garden ready for turfing and are using earth from a pile stored in the garden. Originally the pile was around 12m long, 4m wide and 2m high. We used half of it to landscape the front garden a few years ago and the remainder has sat there being colonised by miner bees. Over the last two or three years we have had more and more Ivy Miner Bees nesting and this year we have thousands of them. Unfortunately their site is slowly being decimated by us and we uncover nests with females waiting to hatch out. They are amazingly robust but as soon as they fly off they are grabbed by the males that are waiting to mate with them. It's very interesting watching them but it does slow up the work being done. The area I videoed is about a foot square. Ivy Miner Bees.mp4
  6. I was a member of the AECB and GBF and looked at Ebuild, I guess, around that time and didn't like it. I didn't join Ebuild until it had improved. Then a while later it shut down.
  7. Not around here. The farm workers from the EU who live in 'caravans' on the farms nearly all have flashy cars. A couple of years old Lexus, Mercs, BMW etc, it's what they spend their money on.
  8. I bought some ball valves which were listed as being BSP and when they turned up were BSPT. When I asked the company they said their default was BSPT so they were listed as BSP and they would have been listed as BSPP had they been parallel. I was surprised as I thought BSP meant BSPP so I always check now.
  9. I have only ever connected parallel to parallel thread or tapered to tapered not sure what would happen in your case. Would be a good experiment although it may not end well.
  10. Non-traditional construction usually refers to older houses which may be all timber construction but could also be concrete such as Woolaway type houses. It is difficult to obtain mortgages for properties of that type. Modern all timber houses shouldn't be difficult to mortgage nor insure. We have built a house with a plinth of brick slip on render board and cedar cladding for the remainder and had no problem insuring it.
  11. Hi Fiona, I have replied to your message. Our Fontanot staircase meets all the UK requirements and the pictures are not specific to the UK. Did you visit the UK supplier in Rotherham to order the staircase?
  12. We have a timber I-beam portal frame. It was designed by the SE, TF company and myself. We didn't have any insurmountable problems.
  13. We've got one of those. I didn't know it was called a vestibule door frame either. I just asked for an entrance door with a sidelight. Everyone seemed to know what it was.
  14. We had an architect do our full plans building control drawings which were based on our detailed planning drawings. He didn't know anything about low energy houses so we held his hand through the process.
  15. If we fit a system, I'm still thinking about whether it's worth it, it will be using Enphase IQ7 micro-inverters.