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  1. Internorm sliders leaking

    Our lift slide doors leaked for the first year and we thought the rain was coming in down the side of the frame. It wasn't, eventually we discovered it was leaking through the base seal where the doors overlap. These are the pictures provided to the suppliers.
  2. How far can you get in an hour

    Yes I had a look on Rightmove as well and the prices are about half what they are around here.
  3. Plumbing 101: the absolute basics

    The manifolds are metal and virtually everything is Speedfit. It's a bit cramped but I've managed to squeeze everything in. We don't like the look of copper pipes so we've only used them for the D1 and D2 pipes. It'll all be hidden away in a cupboard eventually.
  4. Discount Offers of the Week

    Is that because the thermal cut outs don't work or that they are too slow?
  5. There are two kinds of heros 😣......

    Sorry to hear about your demise. I hope they can get the surgery carried out for you asap, and as others have said when they tell you to rest, just rest it. My mate had his Achilles tendon snap and he said he was too busy to go to the docs. When he finally went it was too late to do anything and now he has a permanent limp.
  6. Anyone know how much sway Parish Council has?

    That's unfortunate. We had just the opposite experience when we had support for our application from the Parish Council and nothing but negative responses from the Planning Officers. It didn't help us though as the District Council took no notice of the Parish Council. We went to the Planning Committee in the end to get it through.
  7. How far can you get in an hour

    Were you affected by the biting bugs in the summer?
  8. Why insulate

    I blocked up the air bricks under my bungalow 10 years ago when I moved in. I knew it was going to be demolished so I wasn't worried and thought it would be interesting to see the effect on the timbers. The main part of the bungalow is built of 4"x2" with a suspended timber floor. I should find out next year how the structure has been affected.
  9. Batten down the hatches again

    I know the weather in the North has been bad for a while but it's also not good here for the opposite reason. Our well has been empty for the last two months which at this time of the year is very unusual. We have had a total rainfall of 523mm over the last twelve months up to the end of October. There is a warning of drought conditions next summer if we don't get significant rainfall over the winter as the reservoirs are low.
  10. Atterberg Testing

    I had a plasticity test done before I had my PH slab laid. I dug down to the depth of the slab, took a sample, drove over to the labs dropped the sample off and had the results back in a few days. Painless and cheap.
  11. Meter installation

    As an update, a cheery Welsh chap turned up yesterday evening. We rigged up a light for him, gave him a cup of coffee and he fitted the meter. He didn't ask to see any paperwork and didn't ask any questions. It was all rather painless in the end, thank goodness.
  12. Dry Ice Blasting - Practical exprience.

    No sorry I haven't seen the result.
  13. Rodent Barrier Suppliers

    I bought mine from Merlin Motorsport, it's used in racing car exhausts. If you want I'll send you what I've got, just PM me with your address.
  14. And then there was none.

    I think that probably applies to a lot of self builders. It's a real rollercoaster, but you just have to keep going. Hope things work out okay for you @ProDave.
  15. Dry Ice Blasting - Practical exprience.

    This is the company they used. There is a video on there that might help.