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  1. PeterStarck

    MVHR Duct Design

    I had a strongback in the way of one of the ducts so I cut out a section of the strongback and replaced it with pieces of timber between the top and bottom cords of the joists.
  2. PeterStarck

    Tiling...many questions

    It's the same as mine except you have an additional grey thingy, but then mine's a few years old now. What is the grey thingy for?
  3. PeterStarck

    Swellable water bar

    I used Bentonite around the inlet and outlet pipes on my sewage treatment plant because they were just sealed by rubber grommets. The water table is high enough around here at times for the hydro static pressure to force water past the seal. It is extremely effective at keeping water out even with a relatively thin layer.
  4. We had an electricity cable over sailing our plot where we were to build our house and I asked the DNO to move it. They moved it by repositioning several poles which meant negotiating with the farmer and in the end it took the best part of a year to get it done. Probably took longer than necessary because that farmer always wants something for nothing. It didn't cost us anything.
  5. PeterStarck

    MVHR Basics

    It would be interesting to know how the shape as well as the size of the room affects the supply and extract interaction. Our kitchen/diner is only 6m x 3.2m.
  6. PeterStarck

    Tiling...many questions

    I would wait until it's fully set.
  7. PeterStarck

    MVHR Basics

    That is exactly what we have in our kitchen/diner with an extract at the cooking end and a supply at the eating end. It seems to work without any problems. We did run the idea past ADM Systems before we decided to use it and they were quite happy.
  8. @Mrs CFS I don't normally comment on this type of question because it's so subjective, but I think it's a great layout. If the MVHR can be installed so it runs quietly and you don't mind going into the loft to change the filters etc no problem.
  9. PeterStarck

    MVHR Duct Design

    Can't be that difficult as I did all mine . I've got layout drawings you could use as a basis for yours if you want. I found the building regs. extraction rates too high and after the house was signed off I reduced them to PH levels. Again I've got my tables of PH ventilation rates if they would be of any use to you.
  10. @Dreadnaught There's a discussion here about MVHR duct routing where I have shown pictures of low level supply ducting. Is it possible to have a small flat ceiling at the top of the vaulted ceiling to conceal the ducting. I have the extract vents high and supply vents both high and low.
  11. PeterStarck

    Tiling...many questions

    The instructions say do vertical first then horizontal but I've never tried it so I can't speak from experience.
  12. We have vaulted ceilings and took the ducting up through the stud walls upstairs. We also have 250mm metal web joists and used 125mm ducting rather than a manifold system. The rectangular ducting we used was 204mm x 60mm.
  13. Do you happen to know if it is necessary to have the install done under the MCS in order to receive the export payments after FiT ends.
  14. PeterStarck

    Tiling...many questions

    Mine came with this:- FUGI SILICONE PROFILING TOOLKIT with 16 profile variations Provides clean and permanent seals. A releasing agent (soapy water) is not needed to apply the soft caulking mass (silicone). This process results in optimum adhesion and therefore prevents mould from forming underneath. Blemishes can easily be redone without removing the entire profile. INSTRUCTION: Remove old silicone carefully with a caulking knife with saw blade, for residue use a scraping blade. When removing old mildew stained grouts or caulks, wear a protective mask. On scratch-sensitive surfaces (acrylic or plastic) use a chemical silicone remover. First clean the surface then choose the right caulking profile and apply silicone on a distance of 60-120 cm. Now make sure that both FUGI edges touch both wall and floor, slightly press the FUGI and pull – always only use the smooth FUGI edge for spreading. Start again for a new line section behind the point at which you just stopped and repeat the process. To bridge across vertical grouts hold the FUGI at a slight angle and cross over the grout-line. By doing so you will keep a uniform grout-pattern profile. When working on corners, first start with the vertical wall grout lines and let them bond. Then proceed to the floor grout starting out of the corners in both directions. Clean the FUGI after usage with household paper towel. Yes I thought it should be with the chamfer towards you but it's better with the flat face towards you, counter intuitive I think.
  15. Yes, I'm more creaky now than I was nine years ago .