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  1. No, temperature the same. If only I had the time.
  2. PeterStarck

    external blinds

    We used Clearview Vista80X on the outside of our glazed gable and it has been effective at reducing solar gain. If it had been a rectangular window we would have considered external blinds.
  3. On my system there are four fan settings and it is recommended to run it on setting two. Setting one is for when the building isn't occupied and turns everything else off leaving the fans running very slowly. It is possible to change the fan speed for each setting so I have reduced setting two to 30% which allowed me to change the ventilation rates to that for a PH. This has increased the humidity from 37% to 45%.
  4. PeterStarck

    Sageglass live

    We went for a solar heat gain reducing film because that particular window is large and only sees the sun in the late afternoon/evening for around four months of the year. It doesn't see the sun in the winter so there is no loss in solar gain in the winter. I like the Sageglass solution because it is neat and works automatically.
  5. PeterStarck

    JJ I joists for external walls

    We have a portal timber I-beam framed house built using Steico I-beams. They came in much longer lengths IIRC 7m, 9m and 13m and were cut to minimise wastage.
  6. PeterStarck

    Sageglass live

    Sounds excellent, wish we could have afforded it.
  7. PeterStarck

    Which windows

    Another point to consider is with two side opening sashes in a tilt & turn do you want a flying mullion. If so is it possible with the frame material you like.
  8. PeterStarck

    Asbestos - what we now know,

    We are about to embark on a similar task with the demolition of our 1920s bungalow. All the timber frame walls and ceilings are lined with 8'x4' asbestos cement sheets which have been covered with plasterboard sometime in the past. Fortunately it is Chrysotile and not one of the more dangerous types, but it is an expensive exercise. Although ours is classed as Non-licenced work it's not a job I would want to do.
  9. PeterStarck

    Bathroom downlighting

    We fitted similar ones to these They have interchangeable lenses and bezels so we could use them where ever we wanted downlighters. We also used plain downlight hoods also from TLC but they don't sell them any longer, only the intumescent type.
  10. I spoke to ADM Systems many years ago when I was first looking into MVHR and they were very helpful and in those days didn't charge for design.
  11. PeterStarck

    Decrement delay of vacuum panels

    I seem to remember that there are large trees surrounding your proposed build so the roof will probably be shaded significantly. I'm not sure how much of an effect decrement delay will have. If decrement delay was a significant factor then I would be thinking along the lines of a combination of a concrete slab and a layer of aerogel.
  12. PeterStarck

    Towel rail design : or rather the opposite

    Even the electric ones I bought had to have the element fitted because you can fit different element sizes. They just come with the inhibitor mix installed. I ones I bought were also thermostatic.
  13. The VAT refund VAT431NB notes state they want the 'approved plans from your local authority'. Does this mean it has to be an A0 size drawing as submitted to the planners or can it be an A3 or A2.
  14. PeterStarck

    6 Months with the Ecocent

    The DHW tank is enamelled steel and the pipework is copper.