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  1. @Onoff doesn't look like I'm afraid. If you've got draughts from what they've said 11.6 will seem balmy in comparison.
  2. I would pretty quick based on the weather forecast for next week, now saying blizzards with wind chill -15C in Kent.
  3. Concrete slump

  4. Does anyone have a potter's wheel?

    I didn't know anything about borehole drilling before we had ours done. This is the kit they used, IIRC it was a 150mm hole with 110mm sleeving. It was eight years ago, so might affect the price. It was the drillers who told me about the wonders of Bentonite which I have since used around my sewage treatment plant pipes. Sorry, a bit off thread.
  5. Does anyone have a potter's wheel?

    I can't believe the costs quoted for borehole soil tests. I had a 47m deep borehole drilled and sleeved for £3000, and my soil test, which was for plasticity, cost £50.
  6. Awesome introduction

    Welcome to the forum Edward and Rebecca. @Rebecca Lewis there are a few of us in Kent.
  7. My Nightmare Heating System

    Wendy thinks we should all hire a charabanc and go up there so we can pass the spanners, make tea etc and see the action in real time. We wouldn't be able to offer any useful advice just moral support.
  8. Paying on the spot : why I shouldn't.

    I've found if they're any good, they will be booked up in advance. If some one can come round straightaway I always wonder how good they are!
  9. Log burner

    When we moved into our current bungalow there was a very small wbs fitted. Someone said it was from a gypsy caravan, it was no more than 400mm high, we sold it for £50.
  10. Toilet waste pipe placement

    I'm no expert but that doesn't look right to me. I would have thought all that white pipe should be 110mm and under the slab not running through it.
  11. Toilet waste pipe placement

    I had this type of problem because a pipe moved after the slab was replaced. It was 110mm ducting for the water supply pipe and I used one of these to offset the entry a bit.
  12. Which MVHR

    The silver coating is to prevent bacteria etc forming on the inside surface. I don't know if that is overkill or not, sounds like it might be to me. Do you have to use their ducting, so it would invalid a warranty if you don't for instance.
  13. Which flooring

    We used 22mm Caberdek as well, glued and nailed. The plastic coating is tough and being out in the rain didn't affect it.
  14. Toilet waste pipe placement

    Why not build a false wall out to the soil pipe and have a concealed cistern and wall hung toilet. Moving soil pipes like that is a real pain.
  15. This might help.