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  1. Yeah, that's tricky. 2" domestic push fit waste pipe is 54mm. 2" domestic solvent weld waste pipe is 56mm.
  2. The largest unsupported areas were 1.6m x 1.2m and the largest area was 2.4m x 2.0m but I put some temporary vertical battens in to reduce movement of the sheeting. The 4m high gable end I covered with a tarpaulin again with vertical battens. I stapled the sheeting to the OSB but I folded the edges twice before stapling and stapled around every 50mm. This was done in the spring so didn't have to stand up to winter weather.
  3. We had our TF completely boarded with the OSB3 racking because it was just before the winter. I worked inside over the winter using site lights. The following spring I routed out the openings and covered them with 1000ga clear plastic sheeting until the windows and doors were fitted which was over a few months.
  4. Our air pump housing is about 2m away from the treatment plant and is semi buried in concrete. I stood the air pump on rubber blocks and you have to be closer than 2m to hear anything.
  5. Hi, welcome to the forum. As others have said for a bungalow the roof and foundations will cost more and foundations could be a significant proportion of the build for many reasons. We have built a two storey PH near Sandwich.
  6. Hi, welcome to the forum and good luck with your search. I believe there are others on here from your neck of the woods.
  7. Don't know if these help.
  8. I'm not sure that the picture is correct in showing how it should be done. It's important that water doesn't collect on the top reveal. On my house I had the top part of the reveal inset from the side pieces so the cladding goes over the top of the front edge of the top reveal with a 3mm weep gap between the cladding and top reveal.
  9. We planted a lot of herbs as plug plants last year and they’ve really grown well. We had a mixture of culinary, and flowering types for the pollinators. We also planted a prostrate rosemary in a pot which is supposed to trail but ours is resisting at the moment. Hopefully gravity will take over soon. We also took some cuttings from a wild honeysuckle and they are doing well. Wendy’s keen on growing herbs and has parsley, chives, sage, thyme, basil, bergamot, bloody sorrel, tarragon, sweet majoram and lemon verbena. I’m more interested in the flowering herbs. Some like hyssop attract the bees and can be used in cooking.
  10. I made some. The inflow to the MVHR should have the lowest flow restriction of any of the ducting. I have 125mm diameter ducting and in order to maximise flow into the unit I used 45 degree bends and a short pipe run. The vent I made was 230mm square and by using a grille and insect screen of that size I got slightly better flow area than the ducting. IIRC I used 2mm or 2.5mm stainless steel woven mesh for the insect screen. Some of the mesh companies give flow rates for their different products.
  11. The only problem with those is that they cause a significant restriction to flow. I bought a couple and gave them away for that reason.
  12. @Vijay It's a tough lesson I learnt early on in my build. It doesn't matter whether it's C16, C24, regularised or sawn, it's all crap. The amount I sent back was incredible. Sometimes they didn't even bother to collect it. If I had to use cut timber then I didn't buy it until the day it was going to be used and then fitted it straight away. Engineered timber is so much better.
  13. We bought an Ego self propelled lawnmower, strimmer and hedgecutter recently. The lawnmower came with a 5Ah battery which I use in the others. No complaints yet and charges quite quickly. May consider getting a 2Ah battery for the hedgecutter as I'm getting weak in my old age or maybe eat some more spinach.