Hey from Essex... xx

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Don't get down. Get fixed price quotes on things you can't do, say roof, electrics, plumbing, windows and doors. Tbh have a think, ask on here and you might be able to DIY some of those to some extent.


Do the stuff where you can provide the labour yourself to save on that element.


Loads of options for "on the cheap" that look good (Pinterest). Scaffold board kitchen maybe etc.


If you don't need it "now" defer doing it. 

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Mood hoovers. Don’t let them grind you down. Choose to be positive and use their negativity to motivate not discourage. 






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2 hours ago, Yzzy said:

I am actaully going to be sick.... the last month has crawled by. 


Money should be in bank on Friday..... and then a neighbour stood outside with us today looking at it and said "so, yo've got a loan, hope it was for £100k or more... you'll not get it livable under that"


It made me feel like sh*t.


The loan we have managed to get is for 50!!!!


I just want it livable, not palatial..... proper downer. :(

I had to take the exterior wall of a house down from the wallplate where the roof sits down to the 1st floor joists as it was bulging. When I had it all open and you could see the inside wall a neighbour said to me you should have supported that wall as it will fall down. I said to him how would you like me to support it? He said acro props and I said what do you want me to support, the slate roof. When I pointed out the roof sits on the inner wall he just looked at me and I carried on repairing the wall. 

Just ignore him and prove him wrong as people have said.

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