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  1. Hey, Everybody!

    Back in my distant youth I trained as a Hairdresser (most boring job ever)... Now Hairdressers LOVE picking up peoples locks and sucking air in and saying "Oh my GOODNESS... who murdered your hair!!?" and then bitching about whom ever it was. Well I witnessed one stylist do exactly that to a client who hadn't been in for a few months only for her to frown and say "Um, you did, in July???"..... I learned then at 18 never to pick holes in anothers work... lol
  2. Hey from Essex... xx

    Just did my 'house clearance fund' accounts... £900 left!.... Still have upstairs to do which will be at least 6 of the £225 8 yard skips we have been getting.... need a miracle or a win! So.... We called a local void clearance guy and he came today to give us some quotes.... all still too pricey but we came to an agreement... He will drop off a load of skip bags, I will fill them on the drive, leave wood in one area, paper/books in another, metal in another (standard stuff really) and he will arrive with his 12 yard equivalent truck and vanish it all for no more than £180 !!!! Yes he is legit Considering the cheapest 12 yard here is £300 I am very very happy! I've got the rest of the Library to empty, 4 large double bedrooms, the ironing/sewing room, the dressing room and the bathroom to empty upstairs.... although my old bedroom is done apart from furniture so will be empty in half an hour + axe One of the rooms is mainly clothes, lots and lots and lots of clothes so they will all go to the clothes trade-in for 60p a kilo thank you! haha.. I'm thinking... hoping! That we can empty the rest of the house in 4 truck loads... so around £720 *crosses fingers*
  3. Hey, Everybody!

    Goodness it's the opposite here... I sometimes wish the males in my family would be more vocal.. I am definitely "Komandant #1" as my late Deda (Grandfather) used to call Babicka (Grandmother) ha ha ha!
  4. Hey from Essex... xx

    90% of downstairs done, growth in kitchen confirmed as roots from various trees growing in the masonry and not dry or wet rot. Library started yesterday but L&P ceiling is falling down in chunks so today I started on the stairs and landing!
  5. Hey from Essex... xx

    Then I shall stop posting them.
  6. Hey from Essex... xx

    *gasp* She's so gorgeous.... love Sig..... but NO.... no nuking.. we will carry on!!
  7. Hey from Essex... xx

    Yeah, I'm kinda not feeling like this VoH house is going to happen now so changed it to my actual name lol I need to empty the house regardless so... we'll see.
  8. Structural Glass

    That's awesome.... So you are sliding an oblong in to an romboid frame? Or is your glass cut to shape too?
  9. WTF! lol Why is it a 'male' response to valentines? I thought V day was for all lovers.... See!!! It's all boo faa..... the whole lot... love everyone all the time every day and dont let any 'Clinton Cards' bollox make you act otherwise! We'll be having national Dog day next!
  10. Oh!!! Surely his name isn't Woody the Waster!
  11. I LOVE peacocks!!!!!!!! I run a poultry (and other animals) forum and the Peacock is my Admin profile photo.... they are so beautiful I would love to have one grace my garden one day. I'm not getting the March 14th thing... is it something BuildHub related?
  12. Hey from Essex... xx

  13. Hey from Essex... xx

    I'm bloody well going off you lot!
  14. Hey from Essex... xx

    Oh see now @Ian made me happy and then you just made me sad again @JSHarris Um..... I haven't been wearing a mask in the kitchen / breakfast room area because it wasn't dusty... have I fooked my lungs up!