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  1. Yzzy

    Hey from Essex... xx

    GAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH Am I permitted to swear? If I do will I be banned? I am a peace loving hippie and don't as a rule swear but FUCKING (expletive deleted) FUCKITY BOLLOX (expletive deleted)!!!!! Some nasty little see you next Tuesdays decided while we popped to the shop they would pop o to our porch roof and take most of our lead flashing... FUCKERS!!!!! Luckily a neighbour saw them and said "Oiy, you .... who asked you to do this?" The assholes on the roof told him to (expletive deleted) off so he started taking photographs .... Have posted it all over facebook... Police are on it... sad thing is.. they are Heroin addicts.. so even if they do catch them nothing will be done about the FUCKITY (expletive deleted) (expletive deleted) damage to my fuckity (expletive deleted) fucking porch roof!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ok... I think I spent my life quota of rude words.... am now going to go and silently weep into my wine... *whispers* Utter knobs!!!
  2. Yzzy

    Garden tap help

    oohh err, they are a bit posh! Is there no drain underneath?
  3. Olive oil and an old toothbrush :-)
  4. Yzzy

    We are in

  5. Yzzy

    Exterior Colour scheme

    No... and they haven't dealt with me... I'd just sit there and say... PINK? lol actually the natural colour looks ok, it's like a 'blushing terracotta' .... covering it all in a thick 'Angel Delight' coat of pink just sounds shuddery....
  6. Yzzy

    Exterior Colour scheme

    Yeah but.... pink??? Surely you can opt for the pointing colour scheme instead..... Because... pink!!! Do you have to have it rendered?
  7. Rocket!!!!! It's a Rocket Stove!!!!!! hahaha.... ok as you were....
  8. I'm having a brain fart and can't remember the name of what I am trying to explain to hubby.... So I thought I'd ask you lot as I can't hear you laughing at me LOL OK so it's a wood/coal burner/can be stove... it's built in to a long clay or brick horizontal area that allows the heat to radiate around it... in Europe (well in my village in Czecho anyway) people in days gone by had them in the kitchens, the children would sleep on the horizontal bits because it was warm. Now people build them in gardens as a BBQ area and you can sit on the heated bits. Oh gawd.... I sound like a loon!!!! It's something like a space cooker or something... 😂
  9. We have a Samsung and I have to say while the fridge part is lovely and big and suits our large family the freezer part is piddly! Narrow, tiny compartments that only hold a couple of bags of frozen veg each. We had to buy a spare freezer for the utility room. We are renting at the moment but Hubby wants to get a similar beast for the renovation house (simply based on the water/ice dispenser) , I'm not too bothered as I'm not keen on cold drinks and because the freezer part is tiny. That didn't help you at all! ha ha ha.... i guess what I am saying is, I'd rather buy separate large units like we had before.
  10. Yzzy

    Hey from Essex... xx

    Something cute to start the day.... This is Gizmo (aka Banoffee or Fatty) And her siblings Minka, Biscuit and Shadow in the shadows there.... Our kittens who are 7 weeks old and REALLY ANNOYING, but almost ready to go to their new homes.... Apart from Mink... whom I have fallen for *sigh*
  11. Yzzy

    Mice in the roofspace

    Back in the day I was a cop..... plenty of 'bluebottle' call outs to practice a strong stomach on
  12. Yzzy

    Hey from Essex... xx

    OMG I just got the "like your husband" comment!!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAAAAAaaa.... omg !!! Not blushed in years!!!
  13. Yzzy

    Hey from Essex... xx

    LOL He doesn't need encouragement!!! hubby is from Arkansas and is the funniest person I have ever met .... the bagless comment came from the guy on FB selling the bloody Henry!!!
  14. Yzzy

    Hey from Essex... xx

    This guy says his Henry is bagless.... is that bad? never had one before.. or even used one!
  15. Yzzy

    Hey from Essex... xx

    HA! First time I heard that was when I was courting my husband! lol Anyway...... I think we may give a Henry a go.. (if the guy on FB replies... £25!!)