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Lining a Shipping Container: a simple how-to , a draft checklist

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What are friends for?  They are the ones who come to your gate, ostensibly for a natter, and say

"Well, yer not going to want to hear this, but......"

Yes, I haven't lined my containers ... yet. Oh that most important little word. YET. And now's the time to prepare for winter. John's (my mate) absolutely right. I have to line it

Off to the BM, and bought myself £81 quids worth of pure joy. And on the way back fell to wondering what to stick between the ply  and the container, if anything at all. Bitpipe I remember bought a DampStick. And on his recommendation I bought one.... haven't used it yet.

I've bought some 5.5mm ply and some 2 by 2.

I've researched the issue on Tinternet (YooChube)  here, here and here  (the last of these YT vids is eye-opening for me anyway) and on Goooooogle and this article seems to be the most objective one of all. Lining it with mud is one option, I understand. Hmmm, that's got potential hasn't it?

But there's nothing about lining a container for OUR needs. So, with luck I feel a checklist coming on. Anyone got any ideas, tips, please?

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Insulation... cheap and cheerful EPS will do to stop the condensation.

Also worth ventilating them if possible - I know one used as a store that has two tiny PC fans and in one end and a grille in the door, fans are powered by a £10 solar panel and works fine. 

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Check it thoroughly for any holes in the roof / sides prior to any lining work. Super bright light ( at night ), inside the container, with a plus one outside looking for any failure points. 

Nothing worse than lining over a leak and then having to peel back the layers looking for it. 

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I posted a long thread on ebuild which can be summarised as glue 50mm eps to the roof with low expansion foam to prevent 'cold roof rain'.


Ive been through about 3 damp sticks in the year so suggest you buy them in bulk as its a bit cheaper.

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