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Bed within roof space

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Impossible to get a fully compliant staircase there.  It would fail on insufficient headroom on the "landing" (and the top few stairs)


If you are going to do that, do it AFTER BC sign off and keep quiet.  If you sell be prepared to remove the fixed ladder and call it a storage platform that you access with a portable ladder.

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Even though sleeping platforms like that are quite common on the continent, with UK Bregs that's nothing more than a storage space.  The headroom is inadequate and access breaches safety considerations.  I would be very concerned about my grandkids (or their friends) sleeping up there.  That's a 2½m drop and access isn't kiddie-safe, so the chances of someone getting seriously hurt are just too high.  Most Regs are there for very valid reasons.  If anyone fell using that space, then the house owner would be liable.  Not a good idea. 

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We have, in theory, got it in writing from our BC for the below. Incidental use I think they've called it, so storage only, and us arguing the mini staircase is safer then a ladder/paddle stairs for accessing, which they agreed with.


Lots of photos and designs shared with BC, and emails confirming OK, awaiting final inspections in next few weeks.


We did need fire alarms top and bottom though.




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@ProDave I think that may have to be it. Deem the mezzanine as a storage area/platform and the client can then decide how to use it. I’m still quite surprised for what I’m seeing as a bonus floor. I could see the reasoning where the upper area is a complete separate space but not when it’s one large room. The BCO is trying to enforce a complaint staircase as opposed to a paddle stair as there appears to be space to do so. I am not convinced.


@SteamyTea Ok it isn’t completely like that 😄 It’s more like the attached, so a bonus bed space above a Study area.


@TerryE I do see and get that. Going back on a comment made by another poster, looks like it may have to be deemed as a storage area.


@Andehh So what have you got at the upper level, a storage area?


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