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  1. This looks or sounds familiar. Have you also asked the same question on a FB group?
  2. You or your agent should check in with the PO in requesting an update. I’d suggest that’s done early next week as it’ll give you or your agent to address any concerns prior to the formal determination date.
  3. It will only affect all new BR applications registered on or after 15th June.
  4. You’re talking about needing a granny flat, but the LPA appear to be stating they would not accept anything but a single storey building. So I’m not sure why you keep referring to being able to provide one? That being said, how would you be able to provide any additional let alone usable first floor accommodation with only a ridge height of 4.9m?
  5. I can see why they do have concerns. It’s huge!
  6. The plans and elevations need to be drawn and tied together correctly, which they don’t at present. I’ll be surprised if Planning even register/validate the application on what has currently been drawn to date. The new rear Bedroom is also missing a part side/return external wall.
  7. I thought you said you’re having to go to a single storey design so would lose the granny annexe?
  8. You would have received their first letter, which outlines the process. You may not however been given a start date yet. You can find their timescales here… https://www.gov.uk/guidance/appeals-average-timescales-for-arranging-inquiries-and-hearings
  9. They’re asking for a single storey building, which I assume is to respect the street scene and sub-servience against the main house? A s/s garage does not need a roof of which it’s ridge is 5m high. I designed a detached 4 car garage with an overall height of approx. 4.2m and that was with a 25 degree gable roof. That would have also provided some reasonable roof storage.
  10. You shouldn’t need to speak to the BCO direct in order to arrange an inspection. Their admin team would usually deal with that and the BCO would then just get told when and where to visit.
  11. The Location Plan (1:1250 or 1:2500) will just indicate where the site is on the road. The Existing Block Plan (which is commonly 1:500) is a zoomed in version of the Location Plan but maybe with a little more detail, e.g. outline of driveway, paths and patios. The Proposed Block Plan is obviously the proposed layout with the proposed driveway, paths and patios. The Existing/Proposed Site Plans are further zoomed in versions of the Block Plans (usually at 1:100 or 1:200). You don’t normally need to provide Block Plans and Site Plans but one or the other.
  12. Changes that would affect the bulk/volume will require re-approval. That can be done via a revised Full application or Variation of Condition application. Both will take approx. 8 weeks but you may be entitled to a free go with the revised Full application route.
  13. I didn’t say that at all so not sure how you came to that conclusion. There are plenty of people who can CAD up drawings from clients’ mark-up’s. There are fewer people who take a clients’ brief, review and analyse the design in conjunction making sure it’s compliant in both Planning and Building Regulations terms.
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