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  1. Although I 100% agree with you, some LPA's I deal with do include a rather odd bit of text within their formal acknowledgment/validation letters... I never understood why that included that part as the letter receives confirms the application is valid 😕
  2. I have never heard of that happening. If anything, the LPA request an extension of time. They can’t invalidate something after something hasn’t been formally validated. Not sure why it took them 5wks to send out the consultation letters either 🤔 Your only option is to get in contact with the PO to ascertain the reasons why the application has been retrospectively invalidated. Probably no harm in copying in their Line/Area Manager at the same time.
  3. How can you have a target determination date if the application hasn’t been validated? Do you have any email or letter from the LPA since the application was submitted? Why has nobody chased the LPA within the last 8 weeks?
  4. In my opinion, you should be able to deal with the additional 600mm via a NMA application. But as you say, each LPA has different views on what is and is not considered Non-material, which isn’t helpful. Your other options are a Variation of Condition or a revised Householder application. The latter may be free of charge providing you haven’t used up a free go on the site in the past. A NMA will take up to 4 weeks while the VoC and revised HH applications will take up to 8 weeks.
  5. LPA’s offer applicants or agents to submit a Lawful Development Certificate/Certificate of Lawfulness application for proposals that would perhaps be considered PD. Any application would require scaled drawings. How you do that is up to you.
  6. Then look for ‘images’.
  7. On that basis, the extension you are proposing would normally be considered PD as it would come under the 4m deep rear extension guidelines.
  8. Where was the ‘original’ rear wall prior to “Room-1” being extended? Was the rear wall to the Utility area the original wall?
  10. That may then trigger Certificate B and notice to be served on the owner(s) 🤔
  11. If they’re unable to answer, they may refer you to your structural engineer... assuming you had one for the design of the steel beam?
  12. Fire escape windows can also be locked... so not sure what the difference is with a Juliet balcony 🤔 What are BC’s actual issues?
  13. @discodave Where in Surrey are you?
  14. @Kyn What are you actually asking or wanting to know?
  15. Has a structural engineer and/or Building Control been appointed?