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  1. Count yourself lucky. One of my LPA’s are taking 12 weeks (if not more) to even register the application so we’re ending up having to wait 5/6mths for decisions.
  2. It does and can happen but is ultimately down to the individual Planning Officer.
  3. You will need to submit and seek formal approval of the proposed render prior to it being applied… whatever final finish you choose. So that does not mean just building and applying what you want as per the BCO’s advice. There is a reason why Planning and Building Control are separate departments and processes.
  4. Serves them right. If I was on the design team, I probably would have walked away after learning the applicant didn’t want to secure Planning in the correct way.
  5. Basically what @Temp mentioned above. The condition you want to vary is ‘usually’ no. 2 or no. 3 as the the first relates to starting within three years (unless like some other LPA’s, they have a 1 year start date). The condition you want to vary will read something along the lines of… “The development hereby approved shall be carried out in accordance with the approved drawings [insert drawing numbers].” You’d normally be expected to upload both the current/approved and replacement drawings including stating their numbers and prefix’s. The reason you can give can be something very similar like “to allow changes to the approved design”. If you wanted, you could note all the different changes but depends as to how much detail you provide.
  6. The requirement you/your architect is referring to is… (Page 9, Diagram 1.5) Read the “Requirement/Limits on application” on Page 3. Btw, I assume this is in England/Wales?
  7. Now require? It has been like that for a long time. Only applies to new builds though and not extensions.
  8. I know what you mean. But we also have to be mindful there is a difference between ‘original’ and ‘existing’ where the former is from 1st July 1948, etc…
  9. An extension would not have an ‘original roof’ though. I’ve had countless LDC decisions with lantern rooflights on extensions and I have always seen it as it would come under the ‘no more than 4m high’, which would include the lantern and therefore assessed under Class A. It’d be different if you were adding a rooflight to an original roof as that would come under Class C.
  10. Your 906 dimension needs to increase to 1162 as that would then provide you with 400mm clearance between the face of the stair and leading edge of the door. Alternatively, change the door so it opens into the Spa.
  11. Any reason why the door to the Spa doesn’t open inwards as in its current position, will not comply?
  12. In my opinion, it would require a S73/VoC application as the resulting changes would alter the look quite considerably and therefore more than what would normally be considered non-material. Your other option is to submit a revised HH application, which may be free of charge.
  13. That requirement has never applied to residential extensions/alterations.
  14. Not necessarily as that’s usually controlled by the County Council.
  15. Oh right. The increased price may take into account using somebody else’s Planning drawings to interpret and produce the BR drawings from. Tbh, I do the same where clients have secured Planning via a third party. Too many ‘Planning architects’ for my liking.