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  1. Two different things. It’s either PD or would require Planning However, I do think you now understand but just to be clear... - Attached to the house would be deemed as an extension and would require Planning (as you’re a corner plot). - Detached from the house would be deemed as an outbuilding and would constitute PD.
  2. Smells may be more aimed towards non-residential developments.
  3. This list is not exhaustive but it gives an idea of the sort of things that would be classed as a material planning consideration. Car parking provision. Design, including appearance, layout, scale, density and materials. Highway safety issues and/or traffic generation. Impact on important trees. Impact on the character or appearance of a Conservation Area or a Listed Building. Local drainage or flooding issues. Planning policies and guidance. Loss of important open spaces or community facilities. Noise disturbance, smells, obtrusive lighting or other impacts on amenity. Overdominance, overshadowing and loss of light. Proposed landscaping. The planning history of a site.
  4. If it’s to be attached to the dwelling, it would need to meet the PD criteria for extensions. If it’s to be detached to the dwelling, it would need to meet the PD criteria for outbuildings.
  5. Being a corner plot, you have more PD restrictions... (Page 16)
  6. Maybe the definition of ‘principle part’ should instead read... “The main part of the house excluding any front, side or rear element of a lower height (regardless of these being part of the original house or subsequent additions)” It’s a little confusing when the definition states ‘extension’ but the part in brackets then talks about being part of the original house. In theory, it’s one or the other unless they’re referring to extensions up until 1948 that are deemed original. I also think the additional storeys should be limited to two for a single storey property and one for a two storey property, both of which would result in a three storey property. We took advantage of the change in policy to add a single large storey to this property.
  7. An outbuilding 15-30sq.m (measures internally) constructed substantially from non-combustible material is exempt from BR’s.
  8. Yes it does... “The additional storeys must be constructed on the principal part* of the house” “Principle part The main part of the house excluding any front, side or rear extension of a lower height (regardless of these being part of the original house or subsequent additions)”
  9. Just out of interest, why didn’t you look at the option of a rear dormer? You’d have to make sure the volume of the dormer including the roof over the two storey rear extension does not exceed 50cu.m. Similarly to the additional storey rules, the dormer can only go above the ‘original’ part of the dwelling.
  10. The additional storey cannot go over the top of an existing extension. Looking quickly at your plans, you had shown the roof of the existing two storey rear extension to be raised.
  11. If it’s between 15-30sq.m and 1m away from the boundaries, it’s exempt from BR’s. Or are you asking if you can take it closer to the boundary with the highway?
  12. Depends if the new build has certain withdrawal of PD rights. The guidance states... ”Although solar photovoltaics and solar thermal equipment (i.e. solar panels) are not permitted development under Class C, they may not require an application for planning permission if they meet the requirements set out under Part 14 of the rules on permitted development in Schedule 2 to the Order.”
  13. Can you provide a satellite image or even photos showing the position of the house relative to the highway?
  14. As per the link above. To be exempt from BR’s, construct it using masonry as it’s very difficult to achieve the required fire resistance with a timber frame structure.
  15. Can you provide a link to that?