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Document M4 cloakroom toilet

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Currently building a new build property. We are wondering if we could put a sink behind the toilet in our only downstairs toilet? Unsure if this would pass document m4. 
Something like this. https://victoriaplum.com/browse/all-toilets/type_Close-coupled-toilets?csi=COMPACT01&gad_source=1&gclid=CjwKCAjwz42xBhB9EiwA48pT72Jha4d4Z2BfqiP5-hUavGmKBUGgah3SdAgJ6MGE6ZVuM8w0tZnzpxoCvVEQAvD_BwE

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Once over BC where pretty keen on DS loo dimensions for disabled access 

Most of this is now largely ignored with loos squeezed in amazingly tight places 

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Don’t install something you will hate, just to comply. 
find a better solution. 
a mate of mine recessed a small sink 90mm into a stud wall to get the required clearance. 
remember you only need a square of 750mm in front of the toilet for disabled regs. 

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49 minutes ago, DevilDamo said:

Although it’s actually a rectangle, 900mm wide x 750mm deep 😄

I’ve just re read M4 and you are correct on room size. 
I’ve been going by some drawing I have see of clear uninterrupted space of 750 square. 
with the 900 wide I believe the basin can project into that 900 width. 

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2 hours ago, DevilDamo said:

@Russell griffiths Paragraph 1.17c states the basin should not impede the space. Diagram 1.4 on the following page however does show a slight basin encroachment.

That’s because the whb can impede on the space as long as its wall hung without floor support or a pedestal - hence not impeding access.

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