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Baskill coming to fit our windows Monday

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make sure access is all sorted and safe. keep a very close eye on them and dont let them leave until you are happy. Good to have your main builder on site. We had ot get our installers back multiple times. Last issue was resolved a couple weeks ago - three years later!!!

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Baskill started putting in the windows,the builder was using some foam taday, now worried after seeing other thread it's ok. A screengrab shows Soudall. Red can. The pdf below I think is it's details...

Open photo


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My personal opinion obviously 

your front door needs redesigning 

the location is too close to the side wall, you will have problems once that wall is plastered, the door will never open properly and will always be a PITA. 

A 100mm stub wall should have been built to allow the door to open 120 degrees, you will struggle to get that to open to 90. 

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I have had my baskil windows in for close to 10 years and they have been 100%. I had a seal go after 7 years and they come out and replaced it straight away. You do have to pay the call out fee which I think was £80 but the window was 8ft * 6ft so easily 4 times that if not more of I was paying for it. 

Most of their bad rep is from the cheap windows they install for builders. The builders want cheap windows and they supply them. Like everything else you get good and bad installers.

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