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How to make a rain chain adaptor?

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We have a rain chain suspended from a gutter. The hole in the gutter is 50mm wide. The rain chain is suspended by way of a V shaped piece of metal like this:


However, it doesn’t work well as the rain does not transfer from the gutter to the chain, instead it drops down from where the V touches the gutter. Indeed, the rain chain manufacturer does not recommend this type of hanging kit, and instead recommends something like this:


using something like this is meant to give a much better connection so that the rain falls into the funnel and then onto the chain that is suspended from the brass pin that is threaded through the bottom end of the funnel.


 The problem I have is that I cannot find such an adaptor that is small enough. All of the adaptors are too big. This one pictured for example, has a funnel diameter which is 2” at the top and 1.75” at the bottom, but my hole in my gutter is only 49mm or possibly 50mm diameter, so about 8mm or 9mm too small.


 There may be just enough space for me to drill a bigger hole in the gutter; it is cuboidal in shape so should be quite easy to drill (though I’m sure I could f@ck it up) but I rather not do that in case it weakens the gutter. That said, the gutter is 10cm wide, so doing a 59mm hole over where the 50mm hole is should be ok. The rain chain probably only weighs 500g.


Is drilling the way to go, or can anyone think of another solution?

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Uncle has one with a sort of tapered connecter down the chain so the chain us effectively inside a hopper a bit like what you pictured.  It works in light rain but when it’s peeing down it doesn’t work. Fortunately his two chains come out of overhangs so it doesn’t splash up the building. It’s a Huf Haus. 

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I've only seen them work properly in light rain with no wind.

Assuming it is as a feature rather than practical, you could have a proper downpipe elsewhere and limit the flow to the chain.


The limiting factor in a downpipe is the hopper. Once the water is dropping it is a small proportion of the cross section, clinging to the side, hence a chain can handle it if the flow is limited.


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Friends of ours had rain chains. Unfortunately they lived in a windy area and most of the rain was blown off the chains. At least they had large overhangs so the walls didn't suffer.

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