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My wife has been out tile shopping


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2 hours ago, nod said:

She found these lovely floor tiles for the GF (200m2)I nearly fell over when I saw the price ...


I blame you. How mamy years married? And you let her go into a tile shop. On her own. Unsupervised. Just before Christmas. Thats just male negligence.

Sorry mate but someone's gotta say it.

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41 minutes ago, Mr Punter said:

They are nice looking tiles.  200m ground floor is big!

It will take me about four days once the heat is on 


The original ticket price was £97

Whilst they are good quality Italian porcelain I wouldn’t want to pay much more than 30 for a floor tile Tge markup is incredible on tiles 

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22 hours ago, nod said:

Don’t let your wife buy the tiles   😁  


Or let her pick the nice light "limestone" coloured grout.  Nightmare on traffic areas [from experience].  You need mud coloured grout.


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