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  1. As other have said check the condensate drain is working, and is connected in the right place, not sure of your model, but our vent-axia has two outlets one for top mounted inlet / outlet models and a different one for side mounted. Both pipes are there in the unit, but you have to connect the right one. Its easy to connect the wrong one, with a top mounted, as it there straight in front of you when you take the front panel off to get tot the control panel, but you have to take the rear panel off to get to the right one.
  2. Yes - As soon as she tells us about the Notice of making a New Entry to the Valuation List. Son moves in "Your property is ‘exempt’ from council tax if it’s only occupied by full-time university or college students.
  3. I am in a similar situation, I have mine commissioned - According to the Website you need 1) Bank account details] 2) an EPC certificate [number], and 3) the MCS Certificate. I am assured you do not need a completion certificate from BC. But will let you know when I apply, shortly.
  4. Our GI showed we had clay to at least 5m, and there was no possibility of soak away. Also no surface drains in the vicinity. Local water board, allowed me less than 2l per second attenuation. Our SE charged me to design a storage and hydrobrake, which was complicated and expensive and also hydro brakes apparently are more for developments of more than one house. We ended up speaking to rainwater harvesting.co.uk, and had a attenuated system with rainwater harvesting for toilets and attenuation to suit the waterboard. Not cheap either.
  5. We got it designed as we were going down the turnkey contract route originally. Also the warranty people want a design.
  6. Not necessarily over engineered - we got a SE to design our foundations to take into account the known trees, and soil. [we had to have GI due to historic landfill, that was on the council records but they had no idea where it was, so it may have been on our plot. His design measured in at 29 cubes of concrete. We found some old roots so we went deeper, Also smoothed out some of the steps. BCO wanted more out. We also didn't leave the indefeasibly small island of soil for the chimney. Also he had an array of different widths that we didn't have buckets for, so we had to use wider ones. By the time we'd finished we had put 69 cubes in ! Luckily the ground worker [who I'd know for 20+ years] was on T&M so it only cost me what is cost. Best thing is to get a price from the SE, or a couple,
  7. Thanks for the prompt reply. I always thought I needed a completion certificate to move in, but thinking about it we lived in the current house with a gaping hole in the side when we did extension ! so the new house is in a better state than that was. So I am now thinking the current plan is - [which history has told us will not be adhered to] 1) Tell the wife we can move in 2) Crack as we are on till Christmas. 3) after Christmas tell the Council Tax Lady we are ready for completion. 4) as soon as she sends the notification - Put old house on Market, and finalising the VAT return 5) play the trump card:- let her know the house is now occupied by our Son [who is a Full time Student], and if she asks Me and Mrs will be moving in when we sell the existing house. Which we will. 6) Son Moves all his addresses to the house. 7) Me and Mrs move stuff in gradually as we always had planned, 8 ) Move in officially just before completion of old house or sometime to suit us. 9) Sort out Insurance when the site insurance runs out in Feb
  8. We have standard mortgage on our current house [offset with Scottish widows] , and a self build on the self build with Loughbourgh BS. for the standard mortgage we used a broker, easier as he knew the market. For the self build we went straight to the Loughborough - the Loughborough seem to have the business model, that you dont need to go through a broker and they would rather take the fees. They used to only offer the Self Build through one of the Brokers, but now [since early last year] offer it direct -
  9. Hi sorry to Hijack this thread [didn't really know where to post, but this discussion was heading the right direction] We are approaching finishing [I wont use the term completion] our self build house. We are essentially complete. We need to complete the drive, fencing, garage door, and a few bits of electrical work in integral garage. I am fending off the council tax lady by saying it is inhabitable and not complete, luckily she does not visit site, and she accepts that the council [albeit the county council] still have not completed my Drop Kerb after their initial visit in April. The building control, want the garage door on [not coming till Feb or some other time, when people stop using COVID as excuse] to offer a completion certificate. Mrs won't let us put our existing house [mostly owned by the Bank) which we are living in on the market until it is legal to "move into the new house". So my question is who supplies a habittal certificate - BCO or Council Tax People ? The big Hitters left [drive and garage door] will VAT 0% invoiced as they have already said this, so I can prep the VAT Return. I also need to move the Site Insurance over to buildings insurance, so could that be done on the Council Tax Valuation entry Thanks in advance, and sorry for the hijack.
  10. Probably too late now, but we did not use the Local Water Authority to lay the service pipe or any pipe on the property. We used a Local WIRS contractor. Much cheaper, and easier to deal with, as very small company. https://www.lrqa.com/en-gb/utilities/wirs-wirsae/ You mention Openreach are a nightmare, but there would be no problem negotiating with the new owners and running a cable from the old house [as suggested for the electric] , also Your contract will not be with Openreach it will be with a provider, who should give you compensation for being late. We managed to get £180 compensation, but we had to ask, as the were so late - It was in my advantage not to chase them though. We didn't move into a caravan, but I am not sure if it was on this forum or another, where someone, got a shed, and made it as a walkthrough at the door of the caravan, so they could leave mucky boots, and clothes and get changed to, so the muck did not encroach into the caravan. As others have said, it's time to think of yourselves,
  11. Hi the 16KW heat pump is output rating not electrical rating. so will probably be a 1/4 to 1/3 of that max electrically, not taking into account diversity etc. If you are having an ASHP, it would be inefficient to use electric heated showers. Also 16KW is a big unit, we have a 7KW for circa 2500 ft2, for UFH, Rads upstairs, hot water and showers. We also had to tell the electrical DNO, when we applied, As Temp, said get a sparky to have a look, he will soon tell you.
  12. We're building on Clay - which goes at least 5m deep. Our ground investigation guy, said the ground was not suitable for soak away, and are nowhere near a ground water sewer or suitable watercourse. The Water Authority, [Severn Trent] accepted this, and accepted this as a reason to allow rainwater to be put into the fowl sewer. It was a condition that the flow was attenuated to less than 2 l/s [If I remember]. My Engineer suggested an attenuation tank made up of soak away crates with membrane and then some sort of vortex valve. All of which he charged me in looking at and doing the calcs. The solution was more suited to a development of multiple houses rather than a single house. We ended up going to Rainwaterhavesting, who did the calcs for free, the solution was cheaper, which included attenuation and also rainwater harvesting to toilets.
  13. I got quotes from the usual suspects, Protek, Self Build Zone, Build Safe. In the end I went to a local broker in the village, and Used ProAktive from Aviva. The price was about £20 dearer than the cheapest quote from the others, but at least I could have a sensible chat with the broker, and he did not ring me up every week asking me if I was ready to place an order. And it fits in my attempt to use local trades.
  14. Due to the COVID-19 situation, The local builders merchants is only dealing with account holders. I did set up a couple of cash accounts, before the whole pandemic happened, but at the preffered location, we said we would do credit card purchases [half a percent cash back !] so no need for account. So due to this, and desperate to get on, my groundworker has ordered materials and invoiced me direct. So some questions :- 1) Is this invoice [see redacted attached] ok for a VAT claim, as the total cost is not broken down. 2) I dont not have the delivery notes, as he has them for his records, is that ok 3) do I have to fill in every item or just use "Various Building Materials" in the description. Regards A
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