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Standard of workmanship

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The porch bit of my house was fabricated incorrectly so it’s 100mm too high at the back where it meets the pitched roof. The owner of the company HH use to erect their kits told me and my time served joiner that buildings never match the drawings they are always a bit out. He said this with a straight face. I said to him 10mm might be considered a variation but 100mm is massive (expletive deleted)ing error that has consequences. The consequences are the building doesn’t look like it was supposed to look (there’s no obvious gap between the two buildings which was supposed be clad but now isn’t), there’s not enough fall on the gutter as we could only just squeeze it in so while it works water sits in the middle of it such that algae builds up quite quickly requiring me to clean it every few months, and the flat roofers couldn’t seal the edge of the detail membrane under the gutter as they couldn’t heat gun and roller in to it. 

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2 hours ago, ToughButterCup said:

Dunning Kruger's yer go-to explanation . Painful to read your post... once noticed,  you realise it's everywhere.  

While true, with a lot of builders they tend to be stuck in the past so apply what they learnt 30 years ago like it applies to new houses. (Hooses need tae breathe Kelvin - sick of being told this so I just smile and nod when it comes up)  Fundamentally my biggest gripe is the lack of care and respect they demonstrate given they are working on someone’s home. 

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7 hours ago, Kelvin said:

...  Fundamentally my biggest gripe is the lack of care and respect they demonstrate given they are working on someone’s home. 


And thats about standards of personal behaviour. People who behave like that (couldn't-give-a-tossitis) are developmentally stuck in something like teenage.


Think for a moment if that were not to be the case : then there would be no need for published Build Standards, no need for CPD, no need for statements of Best Practice because individuals would think it normal for colleagues to review one anothers practice and learn from the outcomes of progress reviews. Personal and professional  development would become normal. Think of that. Normal.


For the life of me I can't see how best to work with people like that: I'm not in a therapeutic relationship with people who work for me so it's inappropriate for me to tell grown men to answer-the-damn-phone, behave - clean up - know-how-to-do-their-job-properly.  How does anyone build a bridge with people like that?


And what's worse is we are desperate to get our damn houses finished. And politicians bang on about Life Long Learning. Doing it the way I've 'solved' it - DIYMAX - is not for everyone. 

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