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External cladding on Nudura

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house build is Nudura. 

I have 4 areas between windows that I want to clad. Remaining external is render.  

The effect I want is vertical slatted. Think 2x1 with a 10mm gap 


I I I I I I  … like this 🙂 


my question is how best , simply to construct this. 

for simplicity I’m thinking :


- 3 horizontal , top middle bottom , battens. 
- black breather membrane across area. Black to hide the lovely blue wall. 
- vertical slats , C24 painted. With 5/10mm space , which would then be black. 


Any issues here ? 
pointers on best membrane welcome ! 





oh and nobody has bought my spare blocks yet !?! 🤷🏻‍♂️



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Do you need a membrane @IanMcP  , I have been looking at cladding for my gable ends, research has told me EPS does not need a membrane, unless you’re doing it just to hide the blue Nudura blocks.

I’m considering using Hardie VL Plank which won’t have gaps so won’t need to worry about hiding my white Beco Blocks 

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What’s the height?

3 battens won’t be enough. 

How do you stop the breather membrane getting all flappy. ??


How do you stop insects eating the breather membrane.  ??


On the whole your idea needs far more thought 


I would get it all rendered, but the bit that is to be clad, just do the base coat and mesh,  paint this Matt black, then fit the battens and cladding. 


Just my first thoughts. 

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Lots of useful info here:




The Timber Cladding Handbook covers a lot of this topic. 

This supplier also has lots of useful info to download, which is applicable to other products. 



I don’t recommend this approach as Cedral/Hardie planks are good enough. But I went with Ash Thermowood. It has all the issues of normal timber cladding, plus you can’t use nails!! Only advantages are dimensional stability and greater resistance to fungus, insects, etc. Go with artificial, unless you really can’t bear it. 

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