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  1. @Russell griffiths is that the titon or the black jack ? what was the feedback for building control ? I'm at this stage now, wanting to lay first course, but can't get an answer on how to apply DP at this level. ...
  2. any update on this ? getting quotes in for windows now and Velfac have pushed me towards a supplier
  3. sorry if hijacking a thread ... looking for the same , ICF Installer near Stowmarket, Suffolk. Nudura ICF is chosen. I'm looking for someone experienced to aid in the build and accelerate whilst adding skill and experience ! start time is a few weeks away for first course.. any takers or suggestions ? Any Nudura ICF experienced guys on here fancy a holiday in East Anglia I'll happily talk £
  4. Dam. Everything is so long to order ! through the slab I assume ?
  5. Hey so foundations soon going in. what have folks done with ducting for ASHP ? plant room isn’t on an external wall. Is it best to go down through the slab and come up 500mm externally with the feed / return / elec cable to the compressor. Or lay horizontal duct through ICF wall for simplicity. as ever , somebody has made these choices before please share 🙂
  6. Sorry if I’m not being clear. The pan connector is there from the back of the loo Sticking through the floor. It’s after that I need to connect to the 110mm does the pan connector go into the 110mm with a spigot connection rather than a collar ? Then it’s collars all the way !
  7. It is. And does that go into the 110mm directly ?
  8. You are correct. But I don’t know the fitting needed directly under the pan outlet. Past that it’s standard as you say
  9. finally got the static in position now need to get the waste into the plant. I've got the 110mm pipe ready to slot into but struggling to find the right piece that goes under the van where both toilets come out through the floor. Is there a name or standard for this connector ? local plumbing just have blank faces and little idea. I think a single socket 110mm bend should push up and take the outlet from the pan coming through the floor. https://www.jewson.co.uk/p/osmadrain-bend-single-socket-110mm-x-87-50-brown-PO4D161Z
  10. Initially about 15m. then I need to add another run once built of about 40m no issues jointing that up later ? I just want to avoid digging up the hardcore later and lay pipe I can use and extend for completed job. 32mm Mdpe makes sense to maintain pressure along the run from the mains : meter.
  11. Hey so a new connection is going in from the mains / meter. But I can use an old one until I flip it over to the new. I need to lay what will be the new mains feed into the house under some hardcore that I connect later to the stop tap and meter. what size pipe do I lay underneath that I can connect up later ?
  12. @crispy_wafer how did you get on ? I'm looking at Velfac and Internorm , wildly different prices and if Velfac does what it says it's a huge cost saving over Internorm.
  13. Don’t have that option. Single phase from 100amp is all the UKPN gods gave me.
  14. Normally no. It’s crossing a boundary where wall will be built.
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