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BBC Accidental Renovators - the auction house in Dunoon

Square Feet

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This is quite good fun. I'm sure you will have heard the story as it was all over the news - a young lad accidentally bid on the wrong lot at auction and ended up paying £40k for a ruined mansion in Dunoon instead of a two bed flat in Glasgow.  I'd have knocked it down without a second thought, so fair play to them for wanting to rescue a formerly grand old building. 


For all their naivety the couple tacked some elements of the build which I would have thought belonged in the specialist builder sphere, like raising the roof, completely reslating and replacing stone lintels. A testament to what you can achieve if you are young, energetic and completely clueless about what you have let yourself in for. I thought initially it was all going to be a grand 'content creation' ruse but I didn't end up feeling like that was what happened - they used social media as an incidental lever but didn't massively play up to it.  Their instagram is What Have We Dunoon if you want to check that out. 



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Just now, LSB said:

which episode, online i have access to 4 episodes in series 1.


just realised it's all about the same couple


and then, I can't access after all at the next step


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