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Tata Steel roof course


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On 13/11/2017 at 18:58, Pete said:

The cost of our roof has worked out at approx £46/m2. There is no labour charge as we are doing it ourselves

£46/m2 is a lot less than I thought and considerably cheaper than clay tiles + labour.   Is it installed as a warm roof?

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Went on the Catnic standing seam metal roof course today, highly recommend if you are considering using this product and installing yourself, you get to play with the product and then shown details for different roof designs and layouts. The instructor was brilliant and was able show our roof design and get advice on installing, think it is the same instructor @Pete had and he is about to retire but still gave us his phone number if we have any further questions or need advise, he even gave us his holiday dates when he is not available, we also got his replacement phone number who was assisting him during the course. We have not demolished our house yet so won’t need a roof anytime soon, but me and HID were free and desperate to start work on the house and didn’t know if we will be available later in the build and wanted to check it was doable by ourselves. The answer to that is yes and I’m really looking forward to doing it, one day…

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