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IFC Primer - for tapes etc

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I have read most if not all the ICF posts, and Primer is mentioned numerous times, but not a trade name or type.

my journey is underway, and want to get ready for the build. 

there will be several areas that I will need to stick something to the ICF.

1, Under cill / sills with EPDM tapes

2, airtight membrane from ceiling to walls

3, internal reveals for windows


What primer do I need, I was going to experiment with some SBR bond, but if someone has a recommendation for an all-round primer, I'll take that.


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On 29/05/2023 at 08:47, Conor said:

We had no bother sticking bitimous tapes or airtightness tapes directly to our EPS.

Your EPS must have been extremely clean and no UV damage- which literally happens within days at this time of year 

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On 02/06/2023 at 09:38, FM2015 said:

We use an EPS rasp and a leaf blower or handheld vacuum on each opening as required

Refina do a tungsten carbide rasp with the awesome name of TigerClaw.

@FM2015 cant stretch to that TigerClaw rasp, but found a considerably cheaper knock off version that should get me through. - thanks for the info👍

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On 06/07/2023 at 12:04, Nickfromwales said:







Can you post a link please?

I've not seen the Tiger Claw so would assume much superior to this, but I'm only doing this once😂 



The Screwfix link is more a k rend float? I'm hoping this will be smoother,my K rend float would destroy polystyrene.

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Not going to lie, the TigerClaw is the Rolls Royce of EPS rasps and if you use it for a living, well worth the expense.  The finish is beautifully fine whereas the alternatives, like those shown above require a lot more effort to achieve the same finish.  They can leave a more "open" finish.

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