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On 28/12/2021 at 10:50, Zak S said:

Great piece of advice. I am not sure if discharging planning condition is included in it. Probably not. That made me think again!


On method of construction: I am just not sure about the passive house or TF as it seems more expensive than brick and blocks though it more thermally efficient. Hence I am currently considering blocks and bricks build as it would be easy to find trades people. Also someone mentioned to me thermal mass of blocks and brick is an advantage in addition to cost to build. 


Cost for planning and design without building regs is 7500 plus he had loads of experience in the area working for self builder as well as developers. We are based between Warwick and Birmingham. On that basis 7.5k seems reasonable and then 8.5 for building regs and construction drawing.


Seems expensive to me. 

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