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Scotland - interlinked fire alarm recommendations

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I was hoping to make use of my existing Google (nest) fire alarm and buy more of these but it turns out that they don't make a heat detector and have no plans to so another solution is needed.


From a quick bit of googling these appear to be options - https://fireguardplus.co.uk/fireguard-product-range/ and https://www.safelincs.co.uk/fireangel/


Can anyone endorse of suggest something else?


I have been looking at intruder alarms recently as well  - the Texecom Richocet system appears to include smoke/heat detectors in a single unit. Does anyone have experience of these in an intruder alarm system? Would these comply with the new Sottish rules or do you need a standalone heat detector? thanks

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Aico - fit and forget and have some great features such as test buttons to test the whole system and silence the alarms etc. 


Not sure the Ricochet heat alarm is suitable unless you use protected cabling but think @ProDave may be able to advise. Also need to confirm if they are mains wired. 

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I don't know this Richochet alarm so can't comment on that.


Like @PeterW I only fit AICO.  They are simply the best, easiest to fit and neatest, and you can often get them pretty cheap on ebay, e,g there is one supplier I regularly use and pay £16.44 for simple smoke alarms.  (do check if using ebay they are not old stock with a short "replace by" date)


I can't believe how stupid some other makes are that either force you to cut a hole in the ceiling and accommodate a junction box above, or fit a "flush mounting" kit that makes them so much bigger.


Aico also have a good range, and I particularly llke the combined heat and CO alarm in one package (and wish they would also do a combined smoke and CO alarm)


And the last plus point for Aico is the locate / test / silence switch panel you can add if you want to.


Oh and the good range of radio link options for where it is difficult to get a physical link between them.

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from Scottish gov website

Where and what to buy

There is no list of approved suppliers or fitters. You can buy both types of alarms online or in store from a number of retailers, and any qualified electrician can fit the mains-wired type. 

You need to check that each alarm complies with the following standards:

  • smoke alarms                       BS EN14604:2005
  • heat alarms                           BS 5446-2:2003
  • carbon monoxide detector British Kitemark EN 50291-1

More information on the standard, including the types of alarms, is in the Tolerable Standard Guidance Chapters 16 and 17.

Please note that the Nest Protect System will not meet the standard. This is because they do not meet the requirements for a heat alarm under the relevant British Standard. British Standard (BS 5839-6:2019) states that only heat alarms should be installed in kitchens.

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Smoke and heat have to interlink (either cable or radio link), can only be mains or none removable battery powered.  CO2 does not need to interlink with smoke or heat.


Only heat alarms are allowed in a kitchen.


We also have Aico.


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