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House Insurance for non standard construction materials of new build


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We have completed our self build and although we had site insurance during the construction, we now need buildings and contents insurance while we live in it. That would seem easy except I'm hitting a brick wall (sorry about pun) because we have used what is described as non-standard construction materials. I cannot tick the box for bricks nor for slates. the house has been made from Durisol woodcrete blocks and has a membrane roof in a wave shape with zinc flashing and enclosed gutters. We want to make sure we are covered for all eventualities and not have an insurance company come back to say we didn't provide accurate materials. Does anyone have experience of finding an insurance company who will quote for a more unusual building and materials?


Thanks in advance.



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I have just been to get my house insurance renewal, house is Durisol, spoke an adviser, explain ICF and Durisol, they said said yes it's a concrete wall box you tick. 


Thinking logically ICF is insulated formwork, to allow you to cast the house wall in concrete.  The only difference with normal formwork is an ICF retains the formwork, instead of removing and using elsewhere.

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