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IFTTT (if this then that)

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Does anyone have experience of using a smart wi-fi spur with IFTTT and Ocotpus Agile?


I’d like to use one of these to tell my Sunamp (and Willis heaters when/if we need them) to fire up when the Agile price goes below a set figure. 

Would one of these do the trick? 





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Bugg*ry bollox. I’ve just watched the little vid on that Shelly website, is there nothing Shelly can’t do! I’ll give a lot of it a miss, (especially the camera in the hallway!) but thanks for the steer I shall definitely look in to the 1PM. 

I’m sure I’ll be berated for being a Luddite for not knowing about this stuff but how is this different/better than other home automation stuff?


(When does school end, I’m almost full up with learning?)

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I was recommended a Shelly 1 by @PeterW and have been using it to turn my rads on upstairs. Using the app on my phone I can set it like a normal timer clock so it turns the pump on at whatever time I need during the week. You can also just load up the app and turn it on as well. 

Very easy to set up using wago connectors and a  few wires to turn a massive amount of things on and off. 

The Facebook support group is also very good.



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On 21/10/2021 at 14:41, PeterW said:

Probably best to use a 1PM

That does look like the one for me. I’ve got a lot of learning to do as I’ll want the Sunamp to come on when the electricity price goes below ‘X’ and switch off when it goes above ‘X’ which I think the combination of Octopus Agile/IFTTT and the Shelly 1PM should do for me but I fear it won’t be easy for me to line those ducks up, especially as I don’t do FB. YouTube it is I reckon.

And lots of head scratching. 

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