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Are TV aerials becoming obsolete?

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5 minutes ago, markharro said:

Thanks - thats just what I had been looking for - now just need to work out which is the current satellite!

Astra 2   28.2E for Freesat and Sky.

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There is bound to be a YouTube video or 10 showing how to install and set up a Freesat/sky dish. Wasn't hard to replace mine. I used a meter and short lead to connect it to the LNB at the dish to max out the signal. 



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On 07/01/2022 at 20:54, Adsibob said:

 But I'm not sure I understand how this Silicondust tech works. Once I plug in an aerial, I understand that it converts that signal into a wifi signal, but how do my devices, such as a regular smart TV, pick up that signal


This lists devices compatible with Silicondust IP tuners. AppleTV or a cheap Amazon FireTV stick will work.

They also have a table showing free and premium app difference. You get 24hr EPG free

Amazon were planning to launch a similar device but no news for UK yet

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