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  1. https://solartogether.co.uk/landing
  2. Surely a heat pump is ideal for a hot tub
  3. Solar is now zero rated for VAT anyway
  4. I would suggest sizing the batteries to deal with the solar and use them for rate-shifting "for free" as a benefit. 36kWh seems very large.
  5. The short answer is: batteries tend not to cost-in for rate shifting. e.g. 36kW of battery capacity, cycled 80% daily for ten years. Total energy provided by them would be 36 * 0.8 * 3650 = 105MWh. Night rate saving about 8p as of 1st April typically, giving a benefit of about £8k allowing for charging losses. Obviously charging them from PV is a different equation.
  6. With the Vaillant, the curves can also be tuned by applying positive or negative offsets to the VRC700 temp sensor and the outside temp sensor (in 0.5 degree steps(. It’s a bit of a cludge but it does provide shifting of the curves up and down. Room temperature itself would typically be regulated to the readings from the wireless Ambisense controller (or the other one who’s name escapes me).
  7. Well except that it should have been a G99 route 3 application.
  8. See the post above. Car to grid also big area of interest in the strategy.
  9. Or buy a PowerWall and join the Octopus Telsa tariff, and enjoy a symmetric 12p per kWh tariff. The downside if you hand full control of your batteries to Tesla in this scenario.
  10. Wow so much negativity on here. It turns out that under RHI we’d all have been better off getting our EPCs immediately after having the ASHP installed because it increases the heat demand by 33% when primary heating source is ASHP, because the EPC assumes the property will be heated 24x7. This is generally found to be the best way to run heat pumps because the increase in COP more than offsets the increase in demand caused by longer run hours. Heat pump plus solar (electric) is probably the best combination to reduce carbon footprint. It might be worth checking that what you’re planning, because of the EPC, doesn’t leave the property unrentable because of the resultant EPC rating. Talk to your EPC provider and have them run it with the proposed changes to see what impact it has.
  11. I guess they are trying to stop people benefiting from the old 40p FIT simply buying batteries to charge off e7 then dump it back for a nice 30ppkwh profit? Or arbitrage from other tariffs?
  12. Perhaps they meant limit the export from the battery inverter to zero, which is a requirement for g99
  13. 20 panels of 235W each = 4.7kW. Panel output reduces over time, it doesn't say (from a glance) how old they are, let's say they are producing 85% - 4kW. 380W panels are as little as £100 (here) - 11 panels, £1100 probably plus VAT.
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