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  1. I don't know how you found that (I spent ages trying) but I thank you for it!
  2. I do run legionnaires cycle with my R290 ArothermPlus once a week and heat the cylinder to 45/48C otherwise. This is because the DHW cylinder is installed in an open vented configuration with cold water tank in loft. Looking at the consumption data the cycle uses about 1kWhr more on average than I use on all other days. The DHW mode is set to “normal”, which is Vaillant terminology for full power (ie shortest recovery time).
  3. I noticed that the manual for the 12kW ArothermPlus calls for 25A “type c/d fuse”, as well as type A RCD. c25 breakers aren’t very common (MK discontinued theirs some time ago for example) so wondering what others are doing here.
  4. It’s done on the EPC numbers. Play with the design to get lowest design flow temp possible as that will increase payments based on the manufacturer performance number (SCOP).
  5. Glycol is antifreeze, the system should be protected based on local conditions. Eg in the Uk, to -18C. The heat exchanger isolates the water in the radiator circuits from the water in the heat pump and cylinder coil. This means that the internal system can be worked on without having to refill glycol as only regular inhibitor and biocide are needed in the radiator circuit. This advantage is at the expense of a few K drop across the heat exchanger.
  6. Might be worth checking that the serial number on the account matches the one on the meter
  7. Ok thanks, not sure I really follow the correlation.
  8. Am using Ambisense now. The VRC700 controller is however the only reference point for room temperature modulation so that needs to be cited in the typically coolest location. There looks to be some work going on with Ambisense with home assistant so perhaps some bridge will become possible through that.
  9. @gavztheouch - yes got the 12kW. Bear in mind there is work and overheads involved for the MCS scheme in the installers side. In my case installation took quite a while so whilst the quote was similar, it ended up being good value in the end and especially since the RHI scheme pays back almost all of it. System is quiet definitely. It doesn’t seem to meet it’s quoted numbers - looks like it will be about 20% more in the end. My concern with a 7kW unit would be hot water recovery time, that’s not a lot of power especially if you’re planning to use the (default) eco mode for DHW which is about 45% output.
  10. @Dan F - the system is built around ebus. Vaillant do provide the vr920 Internet gateway option but there is no published API. But, I would think carefully before going 3rd party controls. The system is designed o work with the vr700 which provides the flow curves based on outside, inside, and set point. Without this control the system will need to always be set to a higher flow temp to achieve an acceptable warm up period and hence the efficiency will be lower. Also bear in mind a significant volume of water is needed in the system circulating to avoid short cycling. hope that helps.
  11. I don’t have PV and cannot get it due to location. The room temp modulation makes the system more responsive as it turns up the flow when there is more deviation (and vice versa, leading I suppose to lower average flow temperatures).
  12. Thanks very much for the replies. So I was hoping there would be something off the shelf but equally I’m happy to make something. @ProDave - I have a Vaillant system with room temp modulation as well as weather compensation. This means system can overshoot unnecessarily when it’s sunny, as it will continue to heat beyond the set point, backing off gradually. So I thought it might be possible to improve it by using the manual cut input to shut it down based on certain combination of sun intensity and inside temperature. And, well basically a little project too :-)
  13. Does there exist a device to provide a switch off signal to an ASHP based on solar intensity? Much like the sunshine sensor fitted to VWs Climatronic system.
  14. You won't get the full warranty without the approved installer and given RHI will pay almost the entire cost, it's seems counter-productive to pass on it to me.