Not happy with tiling job - or am I being picky?

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4 minutes ago, Declan52 said:

Be nice and polite no matter how much it is making your temper boil. Explain that for the money you have paid you aren't happy. Then show him each and every tile that you aren't happy with. Give him a chance to put it right. 

If he does then great if not then if you go down the small claims route then you can show that you tried your best to come to a solution and where nothing but accommodating but sadly the tiler wasn't.

and back all communication up in writing --if you think you going to court and ask for written replies

once you go to court written evidence is all that will carry any weight,and if he has insurance fro bad work --the insurance co will settle long before it gets to court,

myabe you should ask him that to start with --if he carrys insurance

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