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  1. These were exactly my thoughts, that the finished product shows that the subfloor wasn't prepared properly and that clips should have been used to minimise lipping. It's just whether this is sufficient evidence to throw the book at him and flat out reject the job. As I say, I feel I've paid pro money to a self styled professional for a less that professional job..
  2. Well he's insisted on getting a chance to rectify the worst of it, still have major concerns about the lack of sub floor prep being the main issue. The tiles appear to have a slight bow if placed back to back but nothing major. Would using clips have gone a long way to solving the problem? Would they have ensured lipping was minimised to at least BS guidelines? I spoke to him on the phone and he said 'ah yeah, those clips are for people that don't know what they're doing..' I bit my tongue until I have all the facts.
  3. £1080 + VAT to be exact! I think that would only ever make sense for a much bigger project than mine and would guarantee a court appearance to try and claim that back too...
  4. They feel pretty bad underfoot which is what irks me the most, even if the bad ones are generally no more than 2mm out it's still very noticeable lipping when the tiles are barely 2mm apart in the first place. Should he have been expected to use a tile levelling system to fit these? The box specifically mentioned max 20% overlap.. although if this was intended to minimise lipping then he seems to have managed that anyway all by himself...
  5. As I may have mentioned before, aside from the 10-15mm howlers he's said he'll try and fix, there's still regular 6mm deviations over a 2m edge elsewhere and more 2/3mm lipping than I can shake a stick at..
  6. Well I've checked all the spare tiles I've got and nothing wrong with any of them, all straight and true. They're Spanish tiles if that means anything to anyone? The problem I've got about giving him the chance to spot-remedy things is that the job will still be sub-standard. I don't want to be in the position of having to pay full price for a polished turd, but on the same hand I don't know if the job is bad enough to flat out refuse remedial work and demand my money back / threaten small claims? All comments appreciated as ever.
  7. Hi All, I’ve just had 2 rooms tiled with oak effect ceramics and I feel a little disappointed with the final result. The tiler used self-leveller to even the floor prior to laying but I feel that this should have been done with more care, and that many of the subsequent problems are a result of this… I’ve used the closest thing I have to a 2m straight edge to check the flooring and I’m finding regular deviations of around 5-6mm. Offering up the skirting has highlighted a couple of areas far worse at 10mm & 14mm. The tiler has offered to rectify these two areas but I still have my doubts about the overall quality of the job and feel it was rushed. He spent no more than a few hours on the screed and then 3 days to lay both rooms totalling over 30 sq.m. I worry that in correcting these local defects with extra adhesive or whatever, he simply creates new problems elsewhere. There are also several areas of lipping affecting at least half a dozen tiles in each room of 2,3 & 4mm. The British Standard BS 5385 seems to say that 1mm is the tolerance for such narrow 2mm joints? The standards also seem to suggest a tolerance for levelness of 3mm over a 2m edge? I’ve only garnered this info online and haven’t actually read the specific standards but I’m wondering to what extent I could use this as a stick to beat him with? I’ve already paid £1000 in labour for the job but frankly I feel it isn’t justified. I know he’s legally entitled to try and rectify it but short of ripping it all up, I can’t see me getting a result that’s compliant with the relevant standards? I feel the best outcome for me would be to get him to fix what he can then attempt to get compensation for the rest.. Sadly I’ve already had to sue someone for a failed floor in the past so I’m all too familiar with the small claims process! Any help much appreciated., please see attached photos