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Boiling Water taps. What and where to buy.


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1 minute ago, ProDave said:

All the ones I have seen, the boiling water is delivered slowly.  Fine for filling a cup of tea or coffee.  I think it is done for safety, would you really want boiling water coming out at the same rate your cold tap could deliver and splashing everywhere?

There's slow and there's slow. I'm going to measure flow rate for Fohen tech support later today but I reckon it will take over a minute to fill a mug.

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Im after a boiling water tap where the tank sits behind the plinth. We have butler/belfast sink and I want to reduce the amount of gubbins in the small cupboard under the sink


So far Ive only found the Franke Minerva does anyone know of any others?


There was the Itho but that has been discontinued. I thought it was rebadged as the Grohe Red but the Itho website mentions Franke



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