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New Build Eco House Near Wallingford

Richard T

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On 20/09/2019 at 16:25, Richard T said:

...village location. 

We have detailed planning permission for a 3 bed house, designed on "Passivhaus principles".


The Eco Village in Cloughjordan Ireland have open days and event workshops. 

It is possible to arrange a visit or group visit with accommodation included




This is from their website:


Houses completed or under construction

  Certified passive house timber frame
  Durisol block, lime hemp render render
  Low-energy Austrian house
  32-bed Eco-hostel
  Low-energy timber frame, timber cladding
  Terrace of 3 houses, timber frame, lime & hemp internal and external
  Low-energy timber frame
  All cedar house, recycled newspaper insulation
  Timber frame, loose hemp insulation semi, clay hemp plaster
  Durisol and lime hemp house, bakery attached
  Hemp crete house, eco-slate, local timber finishings
  Low-energy timber frame
  Hemp crete house
  Low-energy timber frame
  Scandavian passive house
  Timber frame, corrugated roof, lime & hemp render semi
  Hemp crete house
  All cedar house
  Durisol A-rated semi, eco-slate, lime & hemp render
  Timber frame, lime & hemp plaster, Irish cedar cladding
  Timber frame, cedar cladding, cellulose insulation, cob, seedum roof

  Durisol external wall, clay & hemp internal walls, lime & hemp render

  I-beam, recycled glass and lime plaster house
  Rammed earth and lime hemp house
  Timber frame with micro-reed bed grey water run-off
  Cob house, hand-applied & non-mechanical clay/straw mix, eco-slate
  Hemp-crete house with lime & hemp render, clay hemp internal plaster
  Timber frame, sheeps wool insulation, cedar clad house & work unit
  Timber frame, corrugated roof, cedar clad semi
  Rammed earth and lime hemp house
  Hemp crete semi
  Timber frame, lime & hemp external, clay & hemp internal, zinc dome
  Curved cob house
  Low-energy double frame timber house
  Eco-Enterprise Centre




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