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Found 5 results

  1. First night at the new house. So far, so good… I think. One thing I’ve noticed is every 15 minutes or so the boiling water tap makes a bit of noise for about 2 minutes. It’s not very loud, just sounds like a very quiet kettle, and I’m sure I can easily soundproof the cupboard the 2.1L tank is in. But it did make me think about the energy it is using, reboiling the water to 98C. Do you turn yours off at night and then back on again in the morning? Or does that defeat the purpose?
  2. My Bosch thermostatic, insulated kettle has just died, and I need a replacement. It is one of these, which cost £50-60 and has lasted me about 7 years. Which seems not very long. I'm open to a boiling water tap, probably powered by electric (Aldi had a good offer last year sometime iirc). But I can't do a lot in the kitchen yet as other projects are also happening, so I may need a cheap kettle as a tide-over and a plan B in future. Does anyone have any good experiences or suggestions? And which features are worthwhile? Thanks Ferdinand
  3. I've only just realised that my architect designed our plumbing layout in such a way that the boiling water tap in our "drinks station" corner of the kitchen does not have a waste pipe. We had never intended to have the boiling water tap over the kitchen sink, as we rather have a separate drinks station, but I just assumed there would be a tiny sink or at least a drip tray that fed into a waste pipe. The reason providing a waste pipe is tricky is that we would have to route it through a sound proofed wall and that would lessen the soundproofing. Is this a problem? There is plenty of space under the worktop where the boiling water tap is mounted both for the boiler unit and a large container to catch drips. So i could have a 300ml drip tray sunk into the worktop and if that's not big enough i could also drill through that and link it with a pipe to a bigger container in the base unit below. I would then just have to remember to empty that container, but that shouldn't be a problem as it's right by the coffee machine which I need to empty every few days anyway. I'm more concerned that a BCO might object to it not having a waste pipe. Is that a legitimate concern?
  4. I know we all like a good moan about suppliers and contractors. I'm as guilty as anyone else! But.......credit where credit is due........ My Quooker boiling water tap died overnight on Sunday. It simply switched itself off after a few seconds of being switched on, no warm up, no heartbeat (as they call it), nada! I phoned the tech support line on Monday morning. The guy confirmed my Quooker was a Fooker and that the service team would call me. 1 hour later an incredibly nice lady booked an engineer for today with a two hour time slot. The incredibly polite and helpful guy turned up (within the time slot!), fixed it (faulty electronics board or summin'), put a new filter in and tidied up everything as he found it. His only challenge was a lack of mobile signal so couldn't get a signature on his gizmo. Thank heavens for that. I had to boil a kettle for nearly 24 hours. Can you even imagine the hardship? ?
  5. I understand that (kitchen) appliances aren't eligibile for a VAT reclaim, but saw recently that downdraught extractors do qualify since they are classed as ventilation. Can anyone advise what is the situation re. boiling water taps?
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