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  1. JanetE

    Service penetrations through raft foundation

    Be aware that if you want the ASHP insulated pipe to go under your raft foundation you will be hard pressed to fit this in the 110mm pipe. We had a hell of a job getting the pipework through, partly because we used a 90° bend as opposed to a slow bend to exit into the service room and also because the ASHP insulated pipe is not very flexible. We ended up having to fit two long flexible connectors to get it round the last bend and also we had to strip off the outer flexi casing and a layer of insulation to get it through the duct.
  2. JanetE

    Is this a good price?

    Thieves nowadays use drones for looking around and working out ways to nick equipment. There is a thread on the theft of wooden fencing which was posted on recently which is worth a look. "Site Security revisited"
  3. JanetE

    Pressure Washer Recommendations

    Thanks all for your recommendations. I think we'll go with the Karcher K4 and also get the patio attachment.
  4. We need a pressure washer to clean the drive and very occasionally the car! I was looking at the Karcher K4 which looks pretty good. Anyone got any recommendations?
  5. Having lived in our MBC house with underfloor heating for just over a year I personally would never choose to go back to radiators. Nothing compares to the comfort and utility of underfloor heating and I am sure you will regret it if you decide to go down the conventional route. It was a no brainer as far as we concerned to get them to lay the pipes before the pour and if I recall correctly it was more than a half days job for the three guys as the pipes have to be cable tied to the rebar. I am sure it is also the cheapest and most convenient way to heat your house. Worth every penny.
  6. JanetE

    Site security revisited

    I think in this case maybe some camouflage netting would have hidden this from a flyover with a drone, as this seemed to me the way that the thieves recced out his store.
  7. JanetE

    Timber frame and Plastering

    Exactly the same for us, we were weathertight the day MBC finished our build. Absolutely no cracking of the plasterboard anywhere in the house. We boarded and plastered about six months after the frame went up. I suspect that if your frame does get wet is just a matter of waiting long enough for it to dry out before plastering.
  8. We have a timber frame house build to passive standards by the same company that @JSHarris used which is MBC. Like you are planning, we are not passive certified. They laid the foundation installed the ufh heating pipes at the same time and supplied and erected the timber frame, and guaranteed air tightness. The house passed on the first test. We decided to go to a company that would do the whole package as the interface between different contractors is often a major stumbling block. We did visit a few different timber frame company builds before opting for them, and realised that the fewer contractors involved the less chance of problems. Which you will find from the experiences of some of the members on this forum. We have nothing but praise for the quality of their work and have now been living in the house for a year. It is such a comfortable space, no draughts and always pleasantly warm all through the winter and not too hot in the summer. If you have a look at @TerryE 's blog you will see some more information. This forum is an amazing source of very useful information. Good luck with the build.
  9. JanetE

    Kitchen tap flow restrictor

    @JSHarris can you possibly send me the link for the flow restrictors that are suitable. I'm having difficulty finding the correct parts. Thank you.
  10. JanetE

    Kitchen tap flow restrictor

    I think restrictor washers are probably the best solution for us. The mains pressure here is good, about 3bar. Tbh the kitchen taps are far too forceful without any kind of restriction. Thanks for all the advice.
  11. Why am I having such a problem finding a flow restrictor to fit the end of my kitchen taps to keep the Building Inspector happy? I'm looking for a female m22 with a reasonable flow rate of 8/9 lpm. All of the insert only ones that I can find seem to be too deep to replace in the existing tap end and so I am forced to replace the whole end. Also they all seem to come in shiny chrome and our mixers are brushed steel and also don't seem to give a flow rate!! Any suggestions please!!
  12. We have the same slab as @JSHarris all done by MBC. We are on clay and before the slab was laid the area was basically a lake as the water table is high. We were advised by the MBC engineer to lay a land drain 1m out around the area of the slab which we did in advance of laying the slab as you can see from the attached picture. This has done the trick as we have no problem at all now.
  13. JanetE


    Just to clarify, the fan drew cold air in from outside at a low level. The was also a vent high up to aid ventilation.
  14. I thought mice could live on insulation (sorry @joe90) We had one living in our mattress once, long time ago in the old house😝. Only noticed it because of the odd smell and the fact it was getting a bit saggy (I'm sure it was living on the foam/cotton filling) Lifted up the mattress and there was this hole that was between the wooden slats of the base. Moved the mattress slightly so the hole was covered by a slat and put a piece of paper under. Lifted it the next day and found scratch marks on the paper. That was it! Taped up the hole, carried the mattress outside and did a clog dance on it. Terry suggested we cut open the mattress to make sure the mouse was dead but I drew the line at that. Just had to get a new mattress after that.
  15. JanetE

    Gas sign off

    That's a shame, I've always previously had gas cookers and was reluctant to go electric in the new house. So compromised with an induction hob and was amazed at how good they are, as instantaneous as gas but far, far easier to keep clean and look so much nicer too. I would never consider going back to gas now.