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  1. MBC did a great job for us. We loved the fact that they do everything, slab, build, and airtightness guarantee. We've been living in our house now for 3 years, so different from the old farmhouse we used to live in which was draughty and cost so much to heat. We heat our 240m2 house with a willis heater, basically an immersion heater, similar to the ones you get in a hot water tank, with underfloor heating on the ground floor only. I can't recommend them too highly.
  2. Thank you all for your responses. We shall be getting the 12v wall mounted lights as we have hard standing so no room for the ground fixed type. Out of interest @Dave Jones did you open a trade account with the Lighting for Gardens company?
  3. I need them to be on during dark evenings, so don't want sensor type. Just low level illumination. Unfortunately the solar ones wouldn't work for this.
  4. We need some lights for our driveway walls just to give some illumination. I was thinking of low watt LEDs. Would it be better/safer to use 12v or standard 240v? What's the verdict, as I can't find any recommendations for this looking through the forum?
  5. Should you decide to go ahead with any of this work and wish to sell your house sometime in the future you will find it virtually impossible. Any buyer's solicitor will require all documentation from Planning/Building Insp/Structural Eng to certify that it has been carried out correctly. Without this any sensible buyer will walk away. Another good reason to ditch this plan!
  6. Our house is very similar to @Jeremy Harris up to passiv standard, slightly larger at 210 sqm and with the same slab and underfloor heating. We have 2 Sunamps which supply our hot water only. Underfloor is heated using a Willis heater which runs on E7, we have no additional heating upstairs. We also only need to heat the slab for about four months of the year, but it would get very cold without that input. If you want to have a look at our setup, then check out @TerryEs blog.
  7. Well at least he's actually wearing clothes 😂
  8. Well our Willis has been heating the house for the last two years without any problems and it is mounted with the electrics at the top!
  9. We moved in to our house end of December 2017, BC signed off February 2019. We had the necessary documentation for our electrics at the time of moving in, no gas anyway. We were rated for council tax. We transferred our John Lewis policy from the old house and they were aware that our new place was not signed off, had no problem with them.
  10. @Roz the 'copper bits' are the tails that feed the hot and cold water to the shower.
  11. I did the hep2o plumbing in our house and with a bit of common sense and a lot of research it isn't that difficult. As @Onoff says don't forget the pipe inserts! Also the connectors are really easy to fit, just push and twist. Measure exactly where you are putting the basin, shower and toilet and bring the pipes through in the correct position. I fitted dwangs to bring them through the walls. I attach a picture to demonstrate. Bearing in mind these were stud walls. I also fitted wooden supports for the bolts on the basins. As you can see it is easy to attach copper pipe tails into the hep2o fittings. Have a look at YouTube, there are some good demos there.
  12. MBC... do a search on this site. Jeremy's, ours, and many others have been build by them.
  13. That's v interesting. What model of AC unit have you got? Presumably you have some kind of connector to attach to the MVHR outlet. I do think that this would be a viable option for our problem as it's only the one room at the top of the house that really gets a bit too hot. I know the portable AC units are noisy but we really cannot fit a proper unit such as Jeremy's. With the benefit of hindsight it would have been a trivial job to put in a couple of access pipes through the wall during the build as it is easy enough to fill them in if they are not used!
  14. Yes, I also thought this might be a good solution, Terry thinks it will upset the balance of the MVHR. So I will be interested to find out how it's working.
  15. @NSS haven't heard of a Panasonic Air Rad before. How does this work? Have looked online but not sure I am absolutely clear how they work. We have a similar problem to Jeremy in that the top floor of our house gets a little too warm and there is no way we can retrospectively fit a conventional air conditioner so we're looking at alternative cooling options.