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  1. We just had two identical sets of double sliders installed. One on first floor on a steel one on ground floor sat on blocks, the difference in operation is huge, the slider on the steel works so smoothly you can do it with a finger. Amazing how such things can make such a massive difference. Littlevoice, a consideration when deciding on french/bi-folds/sliders, do consider how windy it is where you are - sliders don't bang around like other doors can.
  2. A lot will depend on the look you want to achieve. I loathe uPVC and wanted timber, my husband didn't want the maintenance of timber so we went with aluclad (best of both worlds). We looked at aluminium as a cost comparison, and it seemed that good efficient alu products are pretty compatible to aluclad timber price wise and I didn't like the look of aluminium internally. I looked at loads and loads of options and chose Nordan. A big factor for us was the cost, Nordan came out ahead of competitors there. I really liked the profile externally - it wasn't just plain and boxy. They do not have in house fitters so you'll need to do the leg work there, although they have a list of recommended installers (but do your own due diligence on them). We wanted to celebrate the timber internally and Nordan offer a clear lacquered timber (other stains etc available too), the timber is engineered to make it stronger and take out the knots so looks a bit like a solid wooden counter top, with lots of small rectangular pieces finger jointed together. If natural/stained timber look appeals to you, don't go with Rational as it's not done well. We went for a classic profile inside, which again stopped it from looking square and boxy & gave more of a traditional feel. We had double glazing but they do triple glazing and loads of different opening options and products with varying u-values I think they offer PH products too but don't quote me on that. Their website lacked information as did their brochure and we struggled a bit with logistics, they weren't faultless by any means. We have a showroom local to us which was really helpful & well worth a visit. We're really, happy now everything is fitted, it looks great, and it was good value compared to many other companies. Also, when there were issues, they were pretty good at sorting things out. I will also mention Norrsken who came a close second to Nordan but were more expensive, they do however offer an in-house installation. Hope that is helpful to you in making a decision!
  3. I can recommend Nordan aluclad products. We have just had loads of big windows and double sliding doors through them with clear lacquered timber on the inside, which is beautiful and nicely profiled. We had double glazing but they do triple glazing and loads of different opening options. We struggled a bit with logistics, but happy now everything is fitted, it looks great and it was very good value compared to many other companies.
  4. Oh goodness, your poor wife! It would be good to find a solution so she doesn't have to worry about it while she's at home. A friend of a friend applied some sort of film to his windows a few years ago to block UV (as was sick of all the pictures etc fading in the sun light). I remember my friend telling me about it because we found it funny that he couldn't figure out why all his house plants kept dying!! I can't be more helpful than that, I just know it wasn't a case of replacing windows just a case of sticking on the film. I hope you manage to find it or a similar product, good luck.
  5. Ours is exactly the same set up as yours by the sounds of things so two vertical steels to go on top of the ones already there and then another horizontal at wall plate level (this is a bit different from yours) and then the triangular section. Amazing to hear your guys manhandled it into position, that must have taken quite some doing! The structural engineeer wanted the vertical steels to all be one peice, from floor of GF to ceiling of 1st floor, but the builder went back and explained how impractical that was, and so it's been broken into two sections to attach to one another, exactly like yours by the sound of it!
  6. This is our gable as it stands at the moment with the steels having been built around.
  7. On the subject of glazed gables and rather going away from the windows topic on hand, I just wondered how others have (or are going to) deal with the structural steels involved? Our goal posts are double storey and the 1st floor part is being bolted to the GF part and then welded but asides from a crane to lift it up I don't know how we are going to achieve this.
  8. Just wanted to retract the Aspect windows/ Ideal Combi comment - getting myself in a right muddle. I hadn't been to Ideal Combi (now I have) I had been to ID Systems and ID Systems is partnered with Devonshire windows in this area.
  9. That's good to know, it's nice sharing glazed gables! I shall have to see if I can get a plan view of ours up here too. Looking at all your quotes for the glazed gables I think the ball park for ours at £9k doesn't seem too bad, it may come in at more, I am just waiting for an official quote and that price I'm told will not include installation. Our 18 other windows are currently at about £18k (inc installation) + VAT.
  10. I went to Nordan yesterday to look at their showroom in Exeter and I am now waiting for a quote from them. I have one local "partner" who couldn't find time to even look at my quote for two weeks! I haven't tried Norrsken yet, but I am on the case now Thorfun! Has anyone else done a glazed gable? We are looking for double sliders on the GF and also for the juliet balcony above (ideally) but could compromise on a tilt and turn for the juliet - one company thought it might be in the ball park of £9k+ for the whole thing - ouwch! Would be good to hear what other people have spent and opinions on our ball park price.
  11. Ah, I thought Rationel had sent you to a local joinery company just for the sliders but it was the whole thing. Thank you for clarifying, that's helpful to know.
  12. By the sounds of things you dealt directly with Rationel then?
  13. Great, thank you. Both are companies I have aproached for quotes - Devonshire is the one that all the manufactures have referred me to! Aspect Windows (the Ideal Combi partner in this neck of the woods, if that's usful info for anyone) has produced an initial quote for me, slightly eyewatering at the moment but they have been very helpful in suggesting changes to bring the cost down.
  14. Tom, I see you are in Devon too. Please can you tell me the names of the distributors you used?
  15. You could try Pittosporum for quick growning evergreen hedging or even use them as strategically placed specimen shrubs as they come in many different types, many very attractive, with varying degrees of vigour. We took down our leylandii hedge as we couldn't stay on top of it and replaced it with pittosporum (3ft plants maybe 3 or 4 years ago) they are now easily 8ft tall. The advantage with them (and laurel as Jilly said) over leylandii is that you can cut them back quite hard without ending up with ugly dead bits. The other thing you could do for more privacy is to build yourself a pergola and then grow things up it - perennials to establish and come every year like; honeysuckle/ clematis / climbing or rambling roses / virginia creeper / grape vine or annuals (to just last the season) like; sweet peas, morning glory or black eyed susan. It obviously won't cover your whole garden but it would give you an area you can sit out and relax without being watched and you could even put a polycarbonate roof on it to extend its use through the seasons. Good luck, we all hate nosey neighbours!!
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