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  1. Our pre-app was a waste of time & money. We had a very positive conversation during the site visit however, the formal response we got didn't reflect what was dicussed.
  2. Welcome & Good luck! What did you think of the PM course?
  3. FutureBuild 2022 is on next week at London eXcel. Has anyone been before, worthwhile?
  4. I have an integral garage, hence would like a solid floor above. Block and beam on the first floor seems overkill compared to a metal deck with a thin screed, or maybe it just me.
  5. Has anyone used Metfloor, Comflor or similar on their intermediate floor? Any considerations or tips? How did you suspend the ceiling below?
  6. Definitely looks better than the original design.
  7. You seem to be going down the same route as me. Then I realized that DIY was no longer an option for me. Like others have said visit sites and speak to the building contractors. They will have their own favorite or experiences.. Question, which way round should you proceed? Choose an ICF first then a builder willing to use that ICF? Or a builder first then decide on which ICF?
  8. Who's your mortgage company?
  9. I really found it ugly so thought I'd at least try something to make it look better.
  10. Renders look great! Who did you use on Fiverr and how much do they charge?
  11. This looks very interesting, do let us know how you get on.
  12. Thank you for the insight, it's useful and gives me food for thought. I'm currently at the stage (doing the lighting plan) where I can start to think about HA and my current idea is Loxone with Dali lighting, i've not thought about DMX, so may have to pick your brain more later! Please can I claim the remaining Dali kit?
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