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  1. Fingers crossed for you, good luck.
  2. Sad to hear that you are not progressing with ICF and going to Brick/Block, I took my prospective builder to the isotex course earlier this month. He was pushing me down the traditional brick/block route but now is convinced that he can do ICF for me.
  3. Rather than start a new thread I thought I'd continue here... Any more recommendation for a Structural Engineer for an ICF Build, looking for a comparative quote.
  4. Do you have an idea who you are going to use for ICF? I went on the isotex course last week it was interesting!
  5. I've just got a quote for £2650+vat from a conveyancing solicitor to transfer mortgage & four staged payments! I'm not going Ecology but with Saffron BS, I need some more quotes! @Andy brown Please can you message your solicitors details? Thank you 😊
  6. My revised quote was up by 50%! I've discounted Timber frame now...
  7. Unfortunately, We have lost faith in him, hence I'm posting on this topic.
  8. £2k from my original architect, who I'm ditching. My architect outsources everything, so it's difficult to get him to commit. I'd rather him be honest and upfront than hear excuses.
  9. Appreciate the responses, this is not a Timber Frame build. I'm ditching my architect so looking for someone else to do the BR drawings. I will get a couple more quotes, any recommendations? I'm Berkshire.
  10. Hi, I've been quoted £4k for building regulation drawings (excluding structural engineer calculations). This is for a new build approx 4000 sqft, price seems excessive. What have others paid for their building regs drawings?
  11. Some great ideas as always and lots to think about. Agree about the stairs moving and pantry. Utility room is must for spice cooking, you'll understand when you come over for dinner!
  12. SWMBO insists on En-Suites for us & the kids. Guest/bed 4 not fussed about having an en-suite. However we are keen on having TV's in the bedroom hence have a lounge area in the landing upstairs which can double up as a working space. We both work from home (pre-covid era) and also need enclosed area for my loud phone calls as they are described.
  13. These are all my ideas which I'm going to present to the architect to discuss my requirements. It was to difficult for me to put the ceiling heights on my drawings, I do understand that it may not be an accurate representation, but will give him an idea of what I'm looking for.
  14. I'm waiting for the latest renders, here is the old one. There is a large dormer at the back which makes up the 3 windows. Front dormer above the garage is smaller in the render than it will be.