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  1. LSB

    30th May 2022

    My architect is planning on using the gambit that a rebuild will be more environmentally friendly and efficient and of course that a house will be there anyway so a 'better' one will be preferable. We have had a direct neighbour, 2 fields away, who got class Q, then managed to get it changed to rebuild in a different footprint, his argument is that it will be a holiday let not a new house in the countryside. This is a 5 bedroom 320 sqm house which everyone is pretty sure will end up residential. But, that aside that build can be seen from my build so the architect says that precedent has been set. I know about the 3 year rule, and if necessary we know someone who will take it on and do the whole thing, but not as we would like it so we don't really want to do that unless really necessary. We would also need to sell our house to pay for it, which we were also hoping not to have to do at this stage. I will talk to my architect and send you a PM if he thinks that will help. Which LPA are you, I know ours is pretty strict.
  2. LSB

    30th May 2022

    Well 6 months on and once again the only progress is paid work. After all the disappointment over the issues we have been pretending that it's not happening. We came up with a list of options. Give up totally and clear the site Return the barn to stables Sell as it is Sell barn and our house so we don't have to watch someone else do what we wanted to do. Hand over to a building company even though we can't really afford to. Try and progress slowly. We tried this, but none of the groundworkers who visited would even give us a quote and just stopped responding to us, so obviously just too much hassle. So, final option seemed to be start again and try for planning for a knock down and rebuild. In the end this option is the direction that we are trying to go in. I had some very long conversations with the architect, same company, but different person who is much more experienced in Class Q. Slight issue, he is based in Exeter and we are East coast. But, discussing the situation, taking into account the increase in materials, the lack of builders and the general issues he said he would send us through some ideas. I also sent him some drawings that I did using some software explaining to him what we would really like. He sent back his costs based on his ideas, but I explained to him that I have been thinking about this for many years and I am very happy with the curtilage, the location of the build and that I don't want a bigger garden or house come to that. All these things would make planning more tricky, as I said to him, I want to start from scratch, but in exactly the same spot, with the same size garden and the same outlook. So of the reasons for this were to hopefully make potential planning easier as it will be replaced a barn rather than building a new build in a different spot in the countryside. I also pointed out to him that his company had already done drawings similar to what I want so that should make their job easier. So, after our 'talks' he came back with a preliminary cost schedule, reduced by £500 and excluding full building drawings until after he has planning on the slightly modified current drawings. So, now more waiting whilst they prepare the first draft. Hopefully, it would be too long before we can actually get going on this build.
  3. how disappointing, nothing that we were interested in had any stock anywhere within 100 miles of us ?
  4. my current house is 180 years old, but I couldn't find it. but, I've found my plot as 'former agricultural building'
  5. no particular concerns, I'm just a bit OCD about understanding things, just a bit Although Gus wasn't convinced that these beams were big enough, or I think that's what he said. I will post the other calcs as well when I can, but that's more complicated as the roof is split in different ways.
  6. the whole report is 16 pages long, I just wanted to know what the different symbols meant so I could look at the whole report. The build has 3 different roofs, all technically flat, this one 4m the next one 5+ and the final one 6.3, although that may be tiles as it was previously different from the rest of the barn. The SE has barely spoken to me and when I ask him questions he doesn't answer them, he doesn't have a good client facing attitude, newly qualified. One of the possible ground workers came yesterday, although this isn't for him, but I discounted him when he said not to worry about the SE calcs and just suck it an see !!!! I do have another 3 coming to quote. We haven't finalised on builders or roofers yet, none of the ones we have spoken to have seen the drawings yet, they only arrived just before Xmas and everyone seems to have been closed for 10 days.
  7. do you have any idea what EW = ZYYREG = stand for The 2nd roof is quite a lot bigger than the first at 5.5m long, for that one he is recommending larger joists.
  8. Hello Can someone out there translate the below to 'english' for me, as in explain what the acronyms. The roof is split so I assume that this is discussing the first roof which is 4m. Sorry about the quality, but it was sent to me like this, drawn on graph paper by hand I have a ground worker coming next week to discuss my foundations and I just want to understand what this means. I've tried speaking to the SE, but he's not particularly helpful. I realise this page is about the roof, but I like to know a bit of what I'm talking about when discussing the build with experts. Thanks
  9. We are considering ICF for our build, but one of the first considerations is future mortgages. Although we don't intend to sell as this is our forever home we are getting older so forever may not be that long. If we do need to sell, will buyers be able to get a mortgage easily on an ICF home or does this come under non traditional construction. I guess that they may be able to go to specific lenders, but this may put buyers off. Of course as this is unlikely to happen for 10 years I'm potentially worrying about nothing. Thanks
  10. we are doing a class q barn conversion. the back wall had 6 windows, one for each pig sty, but because of a low roof height our architect removed the windows and submitted planning without them. even taking into account the low roof we still want the windows, the rooms are all bedrooms, bathrooms and utility room and we will put furniture the opposite end. Not so different from an eaves room. The architect also put the front door directly into the family room with no hall some way from the driveway. I wondered what I need to go to get the planning for the windows and door moving. we are also changing some of the internal rooms, but not much when the SE came to do calcs he wouldn't do any for the back windows because there weren't on the plan, it was the same for the door, although that doesn't make much difference as the door will be the same size, just in a different place.
  11. Hello, I have planning, but I want to change the internal layout and the position of some of the windows and the front door. What sort of application do I need to submit to planning for this. TIA
  12. Welcome to the forum, I'm also in Suffolk. Norman, I'm having to submit new plans for lots of reasons, but if this is still available if they get approved then I will be interested, just can't commit now, so don't hold if you get an offer.
  13. Hi Temp, yes I did realise about the odd meters done at the same time, but that still sounds pretty tricky (and expensive). We had a ground condition / contamination report carried out as a pre-planning condition and a phase 2 done as a post-planning condition, both by the same company. We knew we would have to underpin as the existing foundation a about 8" deep, but we were led to believe that these would be about 1m. The SE also said that the building was structurally sound as it was. Over the last week I have had a number of conversations and email exchanges with the SE. The first thing we did was dig a trench the length of the wall, all 25m. About 1/2 of the length was sand, then about 10m of loam, then at the end about 2m of clay. I sent pictures to the SE and asked him to come back and inspect again, but he is adamant that this makes no differenced and if we dug deeper we would find that it was all sat on clay. This is some of the comments from him. As you can appreciate the boreholes undertaken in the contaminated land investigation were for the purposes of collecting samples for chemical testing and establishing the depth and composition of any made ground present and were limited to 1.0m depth. So, even though this didn't show clay he said that it will be below this. Next The minimum depth of trench fill foundations is typically 1.0m deep when soils are not subject to the influence by vegetation. The foundation design needs to consider the soils beneath the foundations to ensure they are not subject to volumetric changes which would in turn affect the structure above. For example, if clay soil is encountered within 2.0m below ground level and trees are present it would be necessary to design the foundations to reduce the risk of heave. About 5 years ago the power company had all the trees topped so there was no risk of them affecting the power line. They subsequently all died so we cut them down for wood. Since then the area has become bushy with some old roots growing. We always intended to remove these as they are not attractive. This is the vegetation he mentions. When we dug the trench they were some roots in the top 30cm, none thicker than 1cm and nothing below that level. Bore holes undertaken indicate clay soil below the sand and gravels extending to at least 1.5m below ground level where the borehole was terminated. At this relatively shallow depth the soil will be influenced by the water demand of the vegetation . All vegetation has been removed and we always intended to build a retaining wall so we could move the back further from the back of the house. The trees along the South West Boundary have the potential to influence the soils. The foundation depths have been designed in accordance with NHBC chapter 4.2 based on the current tree heights of the existing trees which are to be removed and the trees which have been previously removed. So here he does accept that the trees will not be there in the future and that we removed some previously. The long and short of it is that we have no choice as things stand, but to underpin to that depth.
  14. Today we have cut down all the saplings and 1 tree, plus a few dead ones. We've left one tree as it's not technically ours being in the boundary of the farmers field. Will take some photos when I have daylight, forgot to take my phone with me. The farmer has about 15 feet along the end of his field totally left to weeds and some trees. Been the same for over 20 years since we've been here. This runs along one whole side of our land (a triangle). There were a lot more trees originally, but there is an electricity cable that runs along the boundary and the electricity board got someone to come and cut them all down to 6' under the wire about 10 years ago. None of the trees, except the 3 conker trees survived, but obviously the elm roots threw up saplings. We do have lots of wood though. Now we've cut those down, next weekend we will get the digger out and dig out any roots and stumps left. On that side of the site our planning is actually for another 1.2m along the length as they included the roof overhang, but we were going to use the existing wall so just left it. So we are now considering (with the relevant planning) investigating building an entirely new cavity wall about 50cm from the existing one, if we can have reduced foundations. This would also help down the way as we were going to install EWI, if we did this then we can simply render. Once that wall is done then we will knock down the existing one and join the internal walls. We are going to discuss with the SE and then the planners. The 1.2m extra is only on this wall, so the 2 side walls that also need deeper foundations (2m) will need further consideration. I've still not dug out the hole results, but it is definitely on this computer somewhere.
  15. I will dig them out tomorrow as they are in a separate report.
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