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  1. I’ve had one from them, no problems apart from delivered a day later than planned. Kitchen units were equal to that of Howdens according to my fitter. Somethings they liked such as sink unit brace was the other way up so didn’t have to be cut out and some bits they didn’t. Howdens legs can be adjusted from inside the unit rather than twisting the leg underneath. I recommend them to other people of which 4 have been purchased without any trouble.
  2. I used seamless aluminium on my last house and will use the same again on the next one. To keep the costs down it can be combined with plastic down pipes although I opted for Ali. My friend who installed it said that the actual gutter isn’t much dearer than a good quality deep flow made of plastic. also has the added bonus of no joins (corners excluded but they are siliconed on) so no rubber seals to fail.
  3. They will be alright. If your worried Chuck a sheet over them. If they’re concrete they shouldn’t suck in too much water. I’ve never covered concrete blocks.
  4. I’ve laid them before. Not too bad to lay, they are only for one course round the bottom tho aren’t they and then normal blocks above
  5. Just tip half out of the mixer at once. I’m a bricklayer and mixing with a paddle mixer tends to over mix.