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  1. A friend of mine has just completed a major refurbishment. His contract does not make any direct reference to a defects period, but he does have a 5% retention for a period of 9 months. Does the 9 month retention period imply an equivalent period for defects? What sorts of issues can he reasonably expect to be covered? I believe it is primarily settlement cracks in the plaster. Advice much appreciated as always...
  2. Thanks Tony. Longer runs I guess, but agree on the clutter. May change our electricians price though...
  3. And also....any views on where we leave the power cables. Top of wall (is my current best guess)? corner of ceiling?
  4. Good evening all, After (too many) hours of research, we have finally decided to bite the bullet and allow for power and cat 6 to each window for electric blinds. Does anyone have a view on where the spur fuse box should sit? Should this be up high by the blind, or adjacent to the socket that we are taking pwoer from? Views as always greatly appreciated. Steve
  5. thanks all for the inputs.....thiought I had acknowledged earlier but it didn't go through. Anyway...very much appreciated. Taking on board the feedback we will be keeping the MVHR pipework inside the eaves cupboards rather than cutting into insulation and jeopardising the air tightness. Many thanks all
  6. Hi, We are building a chalet bungalow and are battling with MVHR ducting 75mm diameter. This is supposed to run up internal partition walls, but for a number of reasons this has proven impossible for our bedrooms. Our builder is suggesting running these up the roof between the rafters and then back into the room. My worry with that is that we will need to decrease insulation where the pipe runs in the roof - from 150mm to 75mm. This could cause our air supply to gain warmth in summer and cool in winter. Has anyone else encountered this please? Any better solutions or will this perform ok?
  7. We are seeking to put in some additional double sockets and spotlights in our newbuild. Builder initially said it would be c. £60 for each double socket. He is now saying £120! The schneider sockets themselves cost c. £20 each, but £120 sounds like a lot for some wiring. We are also being told £130 for each additional spotlight. Again the fitting is not driving the cost here.... Any advice appreciated. many thanks, Steve
  8. Hi Tom, sorry - just seen this now! The concrete floor is being installed first - Lazeby insisted on this. That should derisk builders setting the shadow gap at irregular intervals. Lets hope it works! I will keep you posted. For the first floor we are now going with skirting - to help pin our accoustic flooring down.
  9. Hi all, Architect has recommended a shadow gap on our new build. On GF we are having polished concrete, so I am happy it will work well. On 1F we are fitting carpets. Struggling to find images of carpet with shadow gap. Any views on whether this will work pls?
  10. We are trying to do our best to create a pretty airtight house.... Our Architect has suggested a joiner made front door. Will this be a huge source of air leakage? We are installing MVHR and ASHP and it will kill performance if the door lets wind through. Our current double glazed french patio doors let a gale blow through on windy days....
  11. Poor form they didn't advise you on the steel unsuitability at the outset. Should have been part of their survey... You can probably discuss potential legal action with them as products do need to be fit for purpose even if not explicitly warrantied.... 4 year is not an acceptable lifetime for a handle - especially if an installation team did a site survey
  12. How about a rockery? The mix of awkward shaped rocks and small plants are a great deterrent to cats and kids...and they look fabulous
  13. We really like Internorm triple glazed windows....and pricing at the moment is not too bad. However, we had originally planned to have solar glass to reduce solar gain in the summer. Someone mentioned to me that solar glass on triple glazing can appear very dark. Does anyone have experience of/views on this pls?
  14. Thanks all. Not in one of those riverside properties sadly.... but it is a lovely town. We are using a main contractor for the build, but specialist subcontractors for MVHR and ASHP. Marlow is quite a traditional town and we are on the edge of the conservation area, so it will be traditional brick skinned but contemporary design... I insisted on brick and block build for reasons of solidity and ease of getting builders. Not sure I was right on this one, but we are committed now. Foundations are in so the exciting stuff is about to start...
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