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  1. Thanks for your replies and sorry for my slow reply,like many the virus is interrupted our routine. I can see the sea from where I live so close to the coast as many Rationel owners surely do,My neighbour has chosen Nordan and the handles look like new! The lacquer is flaking off and corrosion on all handles within 4 years,Rationel can only suggest I buy another set at £170 each .Apart from much disappointment in Rationel I seem faced in replacing these Rationel poor quality handles every 4 years if they continue to make them available? Thanks for the coastal group website perhaps I'm faced with replacing all ironmongery with marine grade inside and out so it matches, not a cost I was expecting and a shame Rationel still haven't done this considering they manufacturer from a coastal country
  2. Any one having issues with Rationel door external ironmongery rusting ? these are under 4 years old ,Rationel won't replace saying ....