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  1. As hinted at above, I'd revisit your "buy plot for £600K, build for £350K, valued at £1.5M+" figures. if this was the case, then much more experienced developers would be all over it. How long has the plot been on the market? I also suspect your MIP is on a £600K house - don't assume the bank will automatically lend you £300K for a plot of land when you have no means of building a house. As to your core question on how to get additional funds - with you having no access to any collateral, then a bank is unlikely to lend you the money to complete the build. And, even if they did consider it, they'd be looking for proof that you can build for £350K. Getting planning for multiple dwellings and buying and splitting is your best option. Again though, unless you've found this plot and other developers have not, I suspect this will already have been looked at.
  2. I wonder if anyone has ever managed to get their consultant do as results-based costing. ie. Get the planning through, get a bonus, don't get it through, the fee is less.
  3. Agreed, that's where I ended up yesterday and responded with a very basic "that's disappointing by I'm ok with the extension" note.
  4. Thanks, that's exactly what I did in my covering email: Didn't stop the sample brochure being uploaded to the portal alongside my email though.
  5. Nowhere near; it was validated on the online portal in the middle of October, so its not an extensive delay.
  6. I've applied for our planning to be "renewed" (actually a new application). Some background here: I've today received this from the planning department: I'm torn on this - I minded to agree since its not impacting us and it might produce a smoother path to getting approval. This is basically the same application that was previously approved. However, I'm loathe just to let planning away with such a basic error. But, I know they're under-resourced. Can anyone think of any other things I should consider when deciding why I should, or should not, agree to the extension?
  7. Thanks for all the responses. In the quote in my initial post, the 3 headings are each excerpts from the Low Carbon Checklist document. The sentence I pasted under each is from an email from the planning officer. So, the actual checklist did not ask for a brochure, but the planning officer did via that email. As confirmed above, we are in Scotland. It still seems daft to me that this is being asked for when this is the same plans that were previously approved and I can't find any local planning change. I guess this is just the standard inconsistency we expect even within the same planning office.
  8. That’s exactly what I’ve just been doing and found this. This one has not been approved yet, but will go find one that has. That’ll give me a starting point. No mention of manufacturer but I’ll look to add that. I just don’t want to be locked in before we’ve actually made a choice. I’ll add “or similar to” in the wording.
  9. That would make sense if this new ask was to do with the overall plan, but it’s purely in relation to showing how we aim to minimise emissions. Naming the manufacturer wasn’t required in our initial application (where solar panels were indicated but not specified) and I don’t believe anything has changed in our local plan to require it this time around.
  10. For various reasons, we haven't been able to proceed with our build, so are in the process of renewing our application prior to its expiry at the end of the year (although its not actually a renewal, but a re-application). We've submitted the same plans as were previously approved, but, as expected, we're now being asked to comply with some additional requirements. One of these is a Low Carbon Checklist. This was quite an extensive document so I spoke to the Planning Officer and he asked that we just need to provide statements on: My question is whether Planning should (can?) really ask us to provide specific solar panel manufacturer brochure at planning time? Surely a statement on what we're planning to do (eg, total solar panel capacity) should suffice at this time? We've not yet decided whether we'd go with MVHR - the original plan was not to but we may revisit this. Again, does this really need to be defined at Planning Application/Approval time? Also, although these do not seem too onerous, I was wondering if anyone has some boilerplate text we could re-use?
  11. Always remember that these sorts of posts are more likely to get response from those that are proud of their lower-than-average cost per m2, so the results here might be skewed towards that direction. I've seen at least one thread in the past where a poster would not post their cost per m2 because they were verging on being embarrassed by what it ended up at. You'll also get mixed results with some including build only, excluding founds, others will include founds, other will include plot cost, others will include professional fees. So, you are rarely comparing like with like. Also, some of these builds could now be 5-6 years old, and costs could easily have gone up 15, 20, 25% in that time. Saying that, £1200 per m2 is doable, but I suspect it will be a challenge unless you're taking on a bit of work yourself. Personally, for a 200m2 build in central Scotland, with a decent finish quality, I'd be budgeting £1500 m2 + 20% contingency. You mention you have a 4 acre plot - have you validated that services are available to where you want the house? That can be a big cost sink.
  12. I doubt anyone will be able to tell you that without sight of the title deeds. Do you have access to them?
  13. If you have a gmail email account, you can have multiple "different" email addresses all going to the same mailbox. So, create the account eg, and sign up with that. Then when it expires, use, and sign up with that. Then +2, +3 and so on. Of course, there's no guarantee that any specific site/app hasn't caught onto that and might treat them as the same account.