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  1. scuttlebramblebee, just be aware that many (perhaps most/all) of the people here who are building for less than £1K per m2 have done a significant amount of work themselves, have previous experience of self-build, have friends/family in the trade or built their house/bought their products before the recent increase in prices due to brexit/covid. There is a huge difference on m2 costs between having those things to bring to your build and handing over a wad of cash to a main contractor to build a house for you. Where you are in the country can also change things significantly too (eg, NI is/was regarded as cheaper). The style of house (even if the same size) can change costs significantly too.
  2. I've heard anecdotal stories that valuations for mortgages lenders are being set lower in the expectation that the number of sales could reduce once the stamp duty holiday ends, resulting in the prices falling. It's just a way for the lenders to reduce their risk a bit - as others have said, the true value will appear if/when a house goes on the market.
  3. "very nearby" as in you know you can connect to them for minimal costs, or "very nearby" in that you know where they are but that's about it. There have been people who have services very nearby who have had quotes for £10Ks for connection due to service routings/capacity limits/providers wanting someone to pay for them upgrading their infrastructure etc..
  4. Yep, I have plenty of those and use them with both direct device-to-device association (association groups) and device-to-hub comms. What Adam2 was looking for here was a singe device multi-channel relay (6 in this case) which gave direct as well as Z-Wave control over the 6 channels independently. Of course, it could be put together with a switch grid and multiple Fibaro devices, but i suspect Adam2 want something that looks a bit nicer. The touchwand site seems to be back up, but very slow for me
  5. I was thinking function rather than legalities. I'd be bold enough to say that having such a set-up would reduce any future potential buyers market significant. But, if it works for you and is your forever-home... Its one hell of an ugly thought experiment It'd be interesting to hear whether your mono-pitched roof would be more or less expensive to build over a traditional dual-pitch.
  6. Not what you're asking, but no upstairs WC?
  7. Sounds like a spec-sheet for a standard developer-built new build
  8. That does work, but does not provide the direct-control relay option. Can do the same but cheaper with Amazon Fire tablets too.
  9. I'm getting a big "Account Suspended" error when going to the touch wand site, and the product is listed as not available on Amazon. Are you sure it is still available? I'm looking for something similar but have not found anything that meets the wife-aeshetics-approval rating yet :.
  10. I'm still not clear what area of land the OP has purchased - the red one (from planning docs?), the green one from the ROS website (but stated is is from title deeds) or something else altogether. If we could get a larger view of the ROS one, we might be able to see how that relates to the red one (as per the Thorfun's post above)
  11. Comedy Gold from Handforth Parish Council Planning & Environment Committee Thursday 10th December 2020 Best watch it before it gets removed from YouTube...
  12. I'm sure I saw a sprinkler in the ceiling of one of the rooms in the "let's go see how it finished" bit at the end.
  13. Since labour rates are a large part of most builds (there are a few on here where some have done a significant amount of work themselves), it might be worth factoring in average wage increases in those 17 years, as well as looking at inflation figures.
  14. Highland Girl, it would help (me at least) if you could summarise (with site maps if possible) What is on your approved planning application - site map, approved building position (and if possible, overlay with actual building position)? What is on your title title deeds? What site was marked out by you and your architect, and where the approved building position and actual building position are in relation to that? In each case, as much detail as possible as to how each relates to other areas (ie, other plots, landmarks, fences, buildings etc) would help,
  15. I'd be getting proper advice before assuming these points are correct - as it stands, you have built a house on someone else's land.