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  1. I doubt anyone will be able to tell you that without sight of the title deeds. Do you have access to them?
  2. If you have a gmail email account, you can have multiple "different" email addresses all going to the same mailbox. So, create the account eg, and sign up with that. Then when it expires, use, and sign up with that. Then +2, +3 and so on. Of course, there's no guarantee that any specific site/app hasn't caught onto that and might treat them as the same account.
  3. It doesn't even say its a PIR! What "options" did you "fiddle with"? Small turn-screws? Any close pics of them and any markers next to them?
  4. Oh, so you'll also have a manual then? Does it say anything about a test mode or a "always on" feature? Or is it one of those imported products with a few pictures and very little else?
  5. I've had PIR lights which had a toggle mode whereby if you flipped the power on/off/on/off/on quickly, the PIR is disabled and the light stays on. Doing the same again put it back to PIR mode. Can you get to the light to see the model number so we can check the manual (I think I know the answer to that)?
  6. Wow. Is this him?
  7. How much is he asking for that?
  8. Is he charging a day rate and dismantling the house by hand?
  9. But planning was for a garden room, so the regs would have been assessed for it being a garden room. Just because it was then used as a bedroom, it does not mean that it would have passed the regs as a bedroom (if there as such a thing at the time, which is what I think you're now trying to find out). Are you now wanting to sell the flat as a 2 bedroom? If so, I'd first be checking the freehold agreement to see if the freeholder has a basis to block that. If not, you effectively have two choices: 1) Advertise it as a 2 bed and see what happens with the risk that if someone complains and you're forced to re-advertise as a 1 bedroom, you'll likely have to reduce the price or 2) Go to a lawyer and pay them to make an assessment on whether it can be sold as a 2 bedroom, and if not, at least you're in a position of knowledge of where to price it in the market. I guess there's a 3) too. Post all the details here and risk taking free advice from randomers on the internet, even if they are some of the smartest ransomers out there 😀
  10. @timn1423 I'd be checking the freehold agreement if I were you.
  11. Perhaps not in Jeremy's case, but an increase it build time could also increase scaffolding rental costs.
  12. Which is around £1550/m² at today's prices.
  13. I'm wondering whether that would also be building regs at time of change of use, but whether there is grandfathering rights is the real question.
  14. Family/Friends? But get it in writing and ensure repayment terms are clear - families have fallen out over money before.
  15. Have you checked google street view (assuming the secondary access entrance is accessed from a road)?