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  1. AliMcLeod

    May not need self build mortgage

    Family/Friends? But get it in writing and ensure repayment terms are clear - families have fallen out over money before.
  2. Have you checked google street view (assuming the secondary access entrance is accessed from a road)?
  3. AliMcLeod

    Tender costs for a new build

    Whats the total floor area? Take that and multiply it by £800 (basic fit out, doing lots of work yourself) and £2000 (higher spec, handing build over to a main contractor). The answer will likely be somewhere in the middle depending on how much you can do yourself, either in hands-on building work, project management, sourcing materials etc. A good starting point for a budget is £1500 per m2, assuming you don’t have any complicated foundations. EDIT: oops, I hadn’t noticed replies on next page so it looks like I just repeated everyone else 😬
  4. "The 100m² scheme is estimated to cost just £41,000." Call me a cynic, but what are the chances that a) It will be built b) It will be built for less than £50K c) The the website will revisit the build at a future date and report what it cost to build d) if b) does not happen but c) does, that Brexit will be blamed
  5. I'm not sure what original thread you're referring to so its not clear if you currently have one or two applications in flight. If two, and your original application still live, do you want to keep it live and amend it? If so, I wonder if you're being told that you have to apply for two amendments, one for the original application and one of the new one. If you just have one application in flight, then surely you should only reference that?
  6. AliMcLeod

    final floor plans again

    If you are willing to share your budget, people here will be able to better advise what is achievable and where savings might be made.
  7. Welcome to the forum. The first thing you need to decide is wherther you mean the officially accredited Passivhaus (which you pay for) or the lower-case passive house, which is not an official stamp, but where what you build has has much lower energy needs than building regulations require. In the latter case, the answer really does depend on where along the piece of string you want to stop. There are some quick wins (such as air tightness) that you should just do anyway, but other things will undoubtedly add cost if you choose to do them.
  8. AliMcLeod

    Ring fencing demolition from existing consent

    What if the planning consent lapses (3 years?)? Is the demolition allowed under permitted again?
  9. AliMcLeod

    Do I need planning permission??

    Can you post a rough site layout with the wall marked? Does your drive open out onto a busy road? It could be that the visibility splays are there so that cars on the road can see cars coming out of the drive (and vice-versa).
  10. AliMcLeod

    Looking for inspiration - 140m2 driveway

    You might want to read: WIth a properly installed block drive, anything but the most destructive weeds (see details in post) do not grow up from below. Most weeds you see on block drives have seeded from above ground into the gaps between the blocks. We ruled out tarmac as we didn't like the look so much, and it was coming in around the same price as blocks. Our research concluded that block would last longer, back with our own (albeit anecdotal) experience when the tarmac would start degrading after 10 or so years. But you're right that blocks will require some maintenance to ensure weeds don't develop - keep on top of that it and it should not be too onerous. This can be mitigated against by applying a sealant (we've not decided whether to do this yet).
  11. AliMcLeod

    Looking for inspiration - 140m2 driveway

    I've had a loose chippings driveway in the past. The main positive aspect I had was that you could always hear when anyone drove onto it. The biggest downside I found (other than having to top it up every few years) was that it was a pain if you had a heavy snowfall and had to clear it - you'd end up with piles of stones where you cleared the snow to and then had to move back later to the now almost-bald areas.
  12. AliMcLeod

    First time buyer

    This is one for the mods - i believe some folders are locked down until people have a certain number of posts or have been registered for a period of time. The question is what does "completed build" mean? Or moreso, what does HMRC think it means. It was typically seen by self-builders as the date of the completion certificate, but it seems that HMRC have been looking at, for example, the date someone moved in (whether "legally" habitable or not) and stating the house was complete at that date so the reclaim must have been submitted within 3 months of that date. Let's see if the mods can get you access to that thread so you can read further.
  13. AliMcLeod

    First time buyer

    I can't see why there would be an issue - you could even phrase things in generic terms. eg, connecting to services at a certain postcode. Or, you push the issue to the vendor - ask them to confirm whether services are available on the plot, and/or adjust your offer price to take the response into account. The issue here, of course, is that a plot with confirmed services may be worth more to the vendor than one without.
  14. AliMcLeod

    First time buyer

    That is certainly an option, but do be aware of the potential gotchas when it comes to VAT reclaim. HMRC seem to have changed tact in how they approach VAT reclaims with respect to the 3 month time limit in the "rules" See this thread:
  15. AliMcLeod

    First time buyer

    I'm afraid the only correct answer to this is "it depends". Part of your pre-work before making an offer on any plot should be whether services exist at/close to the plot, whether you can connect to them and what it would cost if not. If not, you can easily be quoted £10K (or multiples of) for getting them to your plot - read the blogs here for examples. You should contact the local service providers to ask. In many cases, the costs will be reasonable, but there's always those edge cases...