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  1. AliMcLeod

    Manifold temperature issue

    Ah, ok, I'll leave it to the experts then A schematic may help. eg, if the hotter manifold is tee'd off "before" the cooler one, could there be some "backwash" from the now-circulated (and therefore cooler) water reaching the second manifold?
  2. AliMcLeod

    Manifold temperature issue

    Have you considered a dodgy gauge? Measure the temperature with an external thermometer probe/laser?
  3. AliMcLeod

    Pavement Query

    Do you have planning permission in place? If not, are you willing to pay for the payment if the council say they won't do it or if they say its your responsibility (as a condition to getting your planning approved)? If you don't want to pay for it, i'd wait until you get your planning approved (without condition) and then raise the question.
  4. AliMcLeod

    Converting a detached garage

    I suspect the seller/estate agent know that the conversion has not gone through building control, hence it being advertised as a garage, not an annex. I can't see why council tax should be charged on something that is not legally a separate property, but I'd be urging your friends to ask the council about that before proceeding.
  5. AliMcLeod

    Site Insurance not Starting for 6 month

    Is that via the optional "Legal protection" add-on?
  6. AliMcLeod

    Site Insurance not Starting for 6 month

    Devils advocate: Why do you need site insurance for a remote field? Are you insured today if someone wanders into your garden (assuming you have one) and hurts themselves?
  7. AliMcLeod

    Objection from watercourse

    If none of the other suggestions work out and you have to speak to your neighbour but accessing his land to do the "sweep", it probably makes sense (to both of you) to tie any agreement into the land-swap deal. Not ideal for you, but if i were him and you came to ask me now to move the pipe, i'd be looking for concessions on the land deal... Probably worth you having a think about what you're willing to give up. However, if his end game is to develop his land but requires your 20x3 piece, to do so you could be in a strong position.
  8. AliMcLeod

    Self-Build Newbie

    Welcome @css7. If you are happy with the plans, you will not need an architect - you will potentially need other professional bodies later, depending on how you progress the build (eg, packaged build, main contractor etc) but you should be able to get indicative prices by giving the plans to builders. Before you get to that, work out the area of the house and, with your hands-off desire, use a figure of £1500 per m2 as a very rough estimated build. If you post the plans here, others will be able to validate that to some extent (eg, square/box houses are typically cheaper to build than those with more complex angles). And, the final finish you chose can easily add or subtract £200 per m2.
  9. @Weebles If i were you, i'd try to capture this website redirection (perhaps "record" going to the website). I'm no consumer law expert, but I'm sure there's rules that will strengthen your case if you can show the new company is trading off the goodwill of the now-liquidated one. I'd certainly contact Trading Standards (or perhaps Citizens Advice in the first instance). You could also phone the number on this page to ask them about the new company using the liquidated company's web address: You can check online of the web address belongs to the now-liquidated company or to an individual.
  10. This recently happened to friends of my wife - a company had fitted their bathroom and they were happy with the job. They then handed over close to £15K for a kitchen but the company went into liquidation in the middle of December. They paid it all via a Bank Transfer and it looks like they've lost the lot unless they can somehow prove that the company were trading while insolvent so they can go after the directors. Unlikely. I always look to put at least £100 on a credit card for any such large purchases. Good luck to @Weebles
  11. AliMcLeod

    OS Map Requirement For Work on TPO'd Tree

    Thanks, that confirms my thinking too. I am going to challenge their need for the OS map with serial number - i'm giving them something with all the information they're after with no copyright infringed.
  12. AliMcLeod

    OS Map Requirement For Work on TPO'd Tree

    This is an existing house with a well defined (walled/gated) garden with a single TPO'd tree in it and no other TPOs within the immediate vicinity. I suspect its stalling due to the only TPO officer being (or having been) off on long term sick, but I'll play the game. But my initial question was not whether having to submit a location plan was valid, but whether it had to be an OS plan with a serial number etc.
  13. AliMcLeod

    OS Map Requirement For Work on TPO'd Tree

    They should say that then - they said they need the location map to ensure it is clear where the application site is. I've probably spent as much effort posting about it here as i did putting the location plan together though
  14. AliMcLeod

    OS Map Requirement For Work on TPO'd Tree

    Yes, i did that. And house numbers, and at least 2 streets with identified street names, and a North marker. I still don't see why any of that is needed when they have their own TPO reference number.
  15. AliMcLeod

    OS Map Requirement For Work on TPO'd Tree

    There's very little detail on the council website: Will try phone up again and see what else they need. I've got the TPO number so I'd like to think giving them that is enough to identify the tree!