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  1. You've stumbled on the same issue people with home automation have with traditional rocker switches, but yours is with an illumination indicator rather than a physical one The resolution is typically to go for retractive switches (ie. they spring back into place after pressing the switch). I went for the Retrotouch Crystal range (retractive): https://www.retrotouch.co.uk/crystal.html They do have the touch light range that looks like yours, but i think it will have the same issue. I'm not aware of a range that does what you want. You could always buy one and see if you could remove/break the LED inside it
  2. Just because the TV gets internet, it does not mean the cable is ok. A badly crimped cable can work with reduced throughput - if you've not already done so, i'd definitely try it with another one. I assume the TV has wifi too - can you hang an access point off the switch and see what speed the TV gets via the speed test on wifi? Unlikely, but could be a dodgy ethernet port on the TV. Not sure it will tell you much, but it's another data point and could also rule out any ISP throttling as suggested by BitPipe. If you can't get wifi to it, set up your phone as a hotspot and see if it works with that? Did you try a web based speed tester (as per the link i added above) rather than a downloaded one?
  3. Nice set-up - i've still not gotten around to selecting cameras for us - have this great dream about doing number plate recognition and linking that in to our gate (which is electrified but not yet automated) so that it automatically opens for pre-defined friends/family. On a less serious note, how does Frigate Video work out the contemplative status of elephants?
  4. Do you have Netflix on the TV? If so, use it's Built-In speed test (under Get Help IIRC) to see what it gives you, or do this: https://smarthomestarter.com/how-to-check-internet-speed-of-an-lg-tv/ I assume you've ruled out a dodgy cable by swapping to another one, and tried switching ports on the switch, to rule that out too?
  5. So, Dumfries... that'll be 12 days of rain then
  6. Andrew, I assume you're not connected to this company, since you gave them a glowing review here; https://london.cylex-uk.co.uk/company/intellicasa-27663150.html Can you share more details on what sort of setup you went with, and what it cost?
  7. https://www.google.com/search?q=extraordinary+extensions
  8. I'm not sure you'll get much response unless you split that into readable paragraphs...
  9. Thanks, I found this youtube article (I think you posted it on a different thread) and it's a great starting point for others interested in this too: I've read up on BlueIris before (not gotten around to buy as need to buy a new server to host it) but hadn't come across Deepstack AI before, which looks very interesting.
  10. This is something i've had on my geek to-do list - take the camera feed from our gate camera and if it recognises a number plate (or even face?) then automatically open the gate (already automated) - saves us from having to give our guest our gate code or them having ring the door bell. Have you started researching this? Would be interesting to start reading up on anything you've found to date. I love that - a perfect example of a modern technology that actually adds value to the customer - not just AR for AR sake.
  11. I'd say this is only valid if the job was meant to start sooner but was delayed 6 months. If it was started when it was due to start, then the OP was very trusting in handing over 50% 6 months early, but its what was agreed. But if the job was due to start in the first quarter of this year, then, yes the increase in materials was a consequence of the job being delayed by the builder, so I'd be looking to pay a lower amount on the £300 too. However, the fact the builder mentioned the 10% increase, and this was accepted, might make that point harder to argue.
  12. I'm struggling to see where the 35% increase is. Quote: £4K, 50% (£2K) paid in Januayy Final invoice: £2K + £300 (materials increase) + £420 (equipment/labour), so £4720 in total, 18% more than original £4K quote (I wonder if the OP is doing 720/2000 and getting 36% as the increase) Customer was told materials had gone up 10%, which was accepted, and the £300 covers that. As others have said, I'd be paying the £300 but challenging the £420 for extra equipment/labour
  13. One of which will involve walk-on glazing...
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