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  1. AliMcLeod

    Builder Swindles OAP of £80,000

    Please tell us you're gonna get your "chinese fella" onto him...
  2. I wonder how many of these companies that produce reports are run by ex-council planning staff who still know people who work for the planning departments...
  3. AliMcLeod

    Max Gradient

    Inspection Chamber.
  4. When I had dealing with BP regarding a pipeline, they had a specific Wayleave Team that owns discussions/negotiations. You might have to contact the DNO for a name from someone at that team.
  5. AliMcLeod

    New House Plans

    With mine, it changes every year... YMMV
  6. AliMcLeod

    Bungalow or Two Storey

    Would there also be scaffolding cost savings with a bungalow?
  7. AliMcLeod

    Bungalow or Two Storey

    The obvious saving is in not having any stairs, but I'd not be surprised if a 2000 sq feet bungalow cost 30-50% more than an equivalent 2000 sq feet two story house due to a large part of the cost being in the foundations and roof. I've done a quick search and can't see much in the way of example figures, however.
  8. AliMcLeod

    Indemnity on track to the land

    Shouldn't it be the seller who is asked to take out the indemnity on your behalf, to ensure that access continues into the future? Or get the seller to get legal right of access before concluding? There's now the moral issue too - if you take out an indemnity, will you divulge the information you received anonymously? Don't and its border-line fraud. Do and you're unlikely to get a policy. Its easy to say with hindsight, but this should have been at the forefront of your mind before agreeing to buy a piece of land - you have to ensure you legally have access to the land. I'd also question why the anonymous person has come forward now - a good Samaritan or someone with something to benefit from the sale not going through. I'd certainly think that land without legal access is worth less than land with legal access, and therefore would impact mortgage-ability. I'm not sure whether the existence of an indemnity policy itself would impact that, however. What has your solicitor said about the legal access rights? Since he has recommended the policy, does that mean it does not exist? How long has the existing owner used the current access as that can have a bearing on assumed access going forward.
  9. AliMcLeod

    Gravel Driveway Prices

    For comparison, we're currently getting our drive done - around £150m2 block drive (3 different block sizes, so not "standard" drive blocks), with block kerb/edging plus a 30m2 path (porcelain tile). We're getting the lot done for around £85m2 (so around £80m2 for the blockwork and £110m2 for the tiled area). Our makeup was no mebrane , 150mm MOT1, sand, but no stabalisation mat. When pricing up the various options, we were finding Resin was around £100 per m2 and block around £80 per m2. We didn't consider gravel but were told it should be the cheapest option. However, I'm not sure whether your stabalisation matt/gravel is a higher price or whether your edging will have bumped up your price or even whether the price it is area dependent. I'd like to think that a 320m2 area would get you a decent reduction in the m2 cost compared to doing an smaller area. A quick search found this:
  10. AliMcLeod

    Screening neighbours containers

    Bamboo plants in pots? Would need a few to cover the width but they can grow that height.
  11. AliMcLeod

    Thinking of investing in this property

    The initial cost, and the cost to extend, will vary widely depending on which part of the country you live. There are some very basic questions your need to get answers to here: Is there a guide price for the property? What do similar sized properties (pre and post extension) sell for? Have you sounded out some builders on what it might cost to extend? You can do a very basic potential profit calc based on that. But perhaps the most basic question of all - if someone has gone to the trouble of getting planning permission, but has not gone ahead with the work themselves, is there actually a profit to be had?
  12. Without knowing the full context, that sounds like a fairly arrogant response. I'd be tempted to ask how does the price compare to a standard hot water tank or store with immersion.
  13. Isn't this (my bolding) saying what Jeremy is saying - that with Option 1 on, the unit will only charge when it falls below 10% charge (90% discharged)?
  14. I'm sure that's never happened on here before
  15. AliMcLeod

    Right of Way

    I'd be tempted to always have a piece of coal in a pocket and simply take it out, show him, and carry on with your business.