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  1. Hi we're going with Express Bifolds - we ordered December 2021 for fit in July 2022, and they stuck to their original quote (even though it had expired). We believe that prices have since increased.
  2. It is not a new build, it is back to brick 1920s house which needs everything doing. there is nothing to protect except the bricks and ideally we would want to avoid LONG delays.... how long does it take for wet bricks to be ready for internal fit out after watertight?
  3. thank you for sharing, sorry you had to deal with that. did you live in the bungalow during the works? we won't be living in our building. do you think if you didn't live there you would change your mind about the £10k... ok, ta, well worth asking if we can be getting more quotes.
  4. the scaffolding quote we have for our loft conversion and full internal remodel starting next March has come to an eye-watering £17,000 (excluding 20%-VAT). It's an empty property at back to brick stages. Included in that quote is a temporary roof covering which I understand might be a large portion of the cost of it (I dont know exactly how much). Two of the other builders we interviewed said it a temporary roof covering shouldnt be needed, but the one we are working with (because he seems the most reliable) wants us to have it, but to be fair they're not the one paying for it. My question is - do we really need the temporary roof covering? I'd rather have a short-ish delay because of rain than pay this amount for a temporary roof covering. The scaffolding quote just seems extortionate (more than double our other builders quote for scaffolding, but includes the temporary roof) TIA
  5. https://www.channel4.com/programmes/extraordinary-extensions you need to watch people so that I can talk about it
  6. I'm not sure if I would raise a complaint as I'd hedge my bet that it wouldnt resolve your issue. I would consider retrospective planning application. What are the details of the tiles you were advised to use and what did you actually use?
  7. Anyone watching this? I am really rather enjoying the series so far, but hell, that eye wateringly expensive London basement conversion was repulsive. They say the dictator who buys it to store illegally obtained funds will probably never live in it ?
  8. Sorry this is not a solution, but I think your project looks great.
  9. In your planning objection make sure you ONLY put material planning concerns, i.e. don't mention the value of your own property or your personal current or future circumstances as it will be ignored, sadly. The reason for this is because as far as the planners are concerned you won't occupy your house forever, you might move house next week, they consider future inhabitants of your property too. The points you or someone you live with can push are: the 45 degree rule, overlooking/loss of privacy, loss of sunlight if this will actually be the case (check the light path/shadow studies), overbearing/overwhelming, loss of outlook (but not change/loss of views), potentially you can object on disabled persons access grounds if you are disabled, or any design/appearance/character changes from the street view, potential traffic generation/parking if this can be proven. Good luck and do try and only mention what are valid planning objection grounds.
  10. Good to know your advice everyone! I didn't think we would be allowed to change opening sizes much due to our planning application and because they have to fit the steel ordered, but I could always be proven wrong
  11. If anyone ever was wondering how unhinged their neighbours are, file a planning application.
  12. Any particular reason for this? We have detailed tender drawings but I'll give it further precaution if it's sensible. Thanks all, I guess I'll discuss further with the builder we choose as we negotiate our contract. But the quote is already double our budget and my OH is too stubborn to compromise on anything until literally forced ?
  13. Thanks all! Maybe, we'll see. We did ask one company and they said yes, another company said no. It's very tricky.
  14. anyone know if glazing price rises is going to go down next year? we're wanting large aluminium sliding doors, 6.5 metres worth, and gable glazing but companies have all had several frequent price rises over the past few months, 4%, then 10% 2 weeks later, then maybe 2%. Surely this can't keep going? we don't need them installed until next summer but I'm wondering whether to lock in prices and order now before further increases or gamble defer ordering until next year. supplier recommendations welcome also! so far we have looked at express bifold, IDsystems, Origin windows and Kloeber....
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