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  1. I've not heard this before. Who does this and does it need to be submitted to building control?
  2. Hi clever people, We are finishing the design of our self build house and about to submit planning. We have deposited a building notice with the local authority so we will be working to the existing Part L rather than the 2022 version. Can anyone provide a 'nutshell' summary of the SAP and air tightness process. Do we send the drawings to a SAP assessor and they give us a yes or no answer? What then about air tightness (we are using timber frame), once the build is complete do we just arrange for the test and again it is a yes or no? Are there any other parts to this process I'm missing? Our design utilises 140mm mineral wool batts in the wall frame and 50mm PIR internally, 450mm mineral wool in the loft and 100mm PIR in the floor. ASHP, 26% of the elevations are glazing. Thanks
  3. Hi, I need to turn off the water at the external stop tap. I've opened the cover and the meter is visible, but there is no stop tap. Does anyone know how to isolate the water in a boundary box like this? I'm sure there is a simple answer but I couldn't work it out!
  4. This is probably a simple question, but what are the basic elements that a invoice MUST have on it to be eligible? Looking at various invoices received they seem to vary significantly. The following spring to mind but which ones are required? My name The site address Supplier VAT number VAT amount (shown separately) Thanks
  5. How can I easily work out what our power requirement will be. We will have a 14kw ASHP, 300l water tank, induction hob, double oven, one electric shower (others off the main system), probably a car charger in the future
  6. We asked for 55kva based on nothing except that was the maximum we could have without special metering (or something like that). We already have 15kva to the existing house but with an ASHP and car charges seemed sensible to ask for more. Demolition and rebuild. 380m2.
  7. Was that the full cost or your share of the cost? And did that also include your new connection? The cable runs across our land so the new connection is only around £1,500. The transformer upgrade is the unknown part.
  8. Hi, Does anyone know the cost of a 200kva transformer upgrade? We've been told we will need to pay 20% of the cost of the upgrade. Its pole mounted and they are going to give us a quote, but not for 6 weeks. Anyone had a similar experience? It's Western power. Thanks
  9. Hi, We have bought our plot but are having a delay in submitting our planning. In the mean time we want to put up a new fence. If we buy the materials prior to receiving planning permission can we claim back the VAT at the end of the project or would it be rejected based on it being purchased prior to planning. Thanks
  10. Probably about £8-10k. That's a lot of money to me. And not really messing around, if its a feasible solution I will sleep soundly on a mattress stuffed with the £10k I've saved.
  11. Hi folks. We had a lot of trees on our site, which have now been removed. Based on the trees that were there the main house requires piled foundations (there was a large hawthorn tree & a lot of conifers). To the other side of the house there is a link corridor and an attached garage with room above. Due to its position away from the trees this would only need a strip footing of 1.3m deep. I've been told that it is not 'acceptable' to have part of the property piled and part on a trench fill foundation. Does anyone know if this is accurate? I don't think there would be an issue with differential movement and I would think a joint between the two could be introduced between the two if necessary. Any thoughts and opinions welcome.
  12. I feel that if I keep paying council tax on the original house and forego the saving I would get while it is demolished I may just get away with it. How would they know
  13. What triggered them to complete the banding? If there was no sale at what point did they contact you and say we want to come round and value your new house?
  14. There is no need to appeal, the properties value will sit in band g. To reiterate, I'm trying to establish when the VOA can reband a property. I know they assign a new band to a completely new house i.e. like on a new estate where no house existed before. They also can reband a house when it is sold. But they do not reband houses that have been extended. So you could turn a 2 bed detached in band b into a 5 bed detached in band f but it wouldn't be rebanded until it was next sold. I can't establish where a replacement dwelling fits in. There is already a band established for that property so they don't need to assign one but that property will be demolished and rebuilt. Will this be similar to the extension situation? There will be no sale so that won't trigger a rebanding. Someone with experience of this precise situation is needed and it would be much appreciated.
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