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  1. I have just bought 100m2 of Cedral click in black. Not started fitting yet but looks good quality and seems to be the go to for most. Can advise in a few weeks hopefully!
  2. It'll be hassles. Wire in.
  3. I have a lazy spa which is the council version....its horrifically expensive to run especially during the winter. I estimate 60 quid a month in summer up to 120 in winter depending on usage. Proper hot tips are cheaper as they are better insulated. I do like a hot tub though, nice just sitting out looking at the stars
  4. Anything tunnocks. I had two tea cakes today ...the dark chocolate ones though. A regular lunch I keep at the plot in the container is a snowball (favourite) or wafer.
  5. I have a red 32mm solid duct, which was supplied by them so yep! I expect even if I used ply whomever turned up won't care, when they came to put the cable in under ground I was on the limit of the 60m allowed from transformer, but I ended up adding 10-15m going around the plot edge rather than across it so I can build another house in the garden in 30 years which nobody batted an eye lif at, in fact it was their idea.. By the way tunnocks is standard protocol up here....
  6. I had this issue once, old cavity wall house we had insulation blown into the cavity then I jad a recurring issue where there used to be a fireplace it had no damp but I was getting effervescence through new plaster in the end we used a specialist salt treatment which was painted on and solved the issue.
  7. I have SPEN coming next Monday....I deliberated what to get for it but just bought the Wooton backboard from CEF it's 18 x 12 inches or 500 x 300mm in proper money. Sure it'll be fine. It's like the have provided a spec for something that doesn't exist or is readily available in the right size
  8. Wood is onky squeaky if its built rubbish.
  9. I think options like this are overcomplicated. The effects of different UFH zones and high levels of automation in a highly insulated house with MVHR add not very significant levels of value for the amount of effort. Keep it simple, as few zones as possible and enjoy your time in your house rather than constantly managing systems. I have no UFH upstairs, 11 loops downstairs with 4 zones. Zone 1 - big open plan kitchen living room area with a glazed gable, Zones 2 - donwstairs bathroom, dimply as I'd like a warm floor in there. zone 3 - everywhere else downstairs within within house. Zone 4 - which is my integral garage but rhats only like that so in future if I turn it into a room I can control it.
  10. I had this concern. Talk to the building control after chasing fire service in circles. There is specific wording in that if each floor of your house is less than 100m2 you don't nees storageas likely they have enough storage on the appliance. I was 400m from a hydrant and the local service just said if need be they would have 2 and relay water if required. Took me months to find the answer but apparently part of local planning rules.
  11. If you have a gas boiler and can heat water easily to 60+ degrees then 300l will be adequate as you blend down to whatever is acceptable to you which is usually around 48-50 degrees. Which will give you more than 300l water. If you had an ASHP then 400l would be better suited as yiu would want to store it at thst 48 degrees. If you want to cover all bases and space and cost are not an issue then go 400l.
  12. Hi James did you take any pics? I'm possibly planning to just staple straight at the top edge of batten under eaves to stop anything getting in. My eaves are blanked off as its a SIPS kit.
  13. Start a daily log, write down everything and map out your incurred costs. I am in a similar position. What was 4 weeks have been 16 weeks, with 150 remedial items, kit supplier subcontractors had to sack their guy and have admitted liability but its still going to take time. If its not right stand your ground. If you have self build insurance you should have legal cover, talk to them and take advice.
  14. @JamesP what did you use here? just about to undertake this so any steer greatly appreciated.
  15. 100% wunda here. Very competitive and they provide a design at the front end for 50 quid. Nu heat last I checked were a rip off.