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  1. Buzz

    Eps foundations

    Question , is anyone prepared to share any costing they have had for insulated foundation systems don’t mind if it was / is for supply only or supply and fix etc, the reason I am interested I have started to receive quotes in from general builders and T/F company’s for various parts of our build , one T/F company has included a passive foundation quote along with the frame quote now whilst the frame part of the quotation is unbelievably expensive on a like for like basis the foundation quote is closer to being reasonable . I had not really considered this type of foundation but the quote from the expensive T/F company comes in at £200 m2 give or take fitted with services , ufh and concrete , anyone care to share what they paid or have been quoted ?
  2. I am glad i have had this lesson early on has cost me 2.5k but have finally got round to opening a decent bottle of gin and will do what my gut tells me rather than what is advised .
  3. Does anyone who signs emails with letters after their name and offering professional advice count ?
  4. Currently going through the design and pricing stage and it is less about how many m2 you have but more the complexity of the design, a 300m2 rectangle barn style will be less than a 200m2 complex shape full of steel and glass .
  5. I can see where you are coming from, the price is fixed so I suppose some will take a lot of time others not so much . The T/F company who are local want to price for tiling the roof , exterior bricks and render and windows so with the se designing the foundations not much left , some you win .....
  6. Thanks for the replies, it does not seem a bad price overall but looks like easy money to me particularly as he has hinted at i would need to send him the details of everything he asked for .
  7. Working my way through the what comes next and building control will soon need to be dealt with , the fee I have in front of me is £2400 for building control drawings this is to submit a technical plan to BC for their approval ( I pay all application and inspection fees ) is this value for money ? I am leaning towards a timber frame and the supplier will provide the spec for the frame and I have been told to appoint an SE for the foundations , with these two items being provided by others am I paying someone £2400 just to cut and paste someone else’s work add a few generic specks for windows etc and fill out a form ?
  8. @Russell griffithsfunny enough thats exactly what the chap who is cutting them down said , he gave me a price to clear the site but suggested that if he cuts them into manageable logs just put a sign up free fire Wood and then just wait for them to go .
  9. Hi all , just a quick update on the above , had a 3 company's round to give me a quote . One didn't like the look of the size of the 3 big ones but was happy to do the smaller ones (I could do those myself , I think !) One started quoting so much a meter up and round i think he wanted to go to disney when we can fly again and wanted me to pay for it , and the local chap starts on the 4th, drop trees and chain into log size and then me to clear up . What could possibly go wrong 🤔
  10. @Bozzathanks for that, i didnt know felling would be zero rated . not sure how i could realise the value in the timber would just be happy if they took it away .
  11. @JillyI don't know why I don't have a cil charge but just checked the letter from the council, 3.10 Community infrastructure levy. (a) is there a cil charging schedule? None.
  12. The plot is cil exempt ?
  13. The neighbours sold me the land with outline planning talking to them at the weekend about many different things very happy to assist us even using their access to get plant on site until we have our own access sorted .
  14. The ditch is 2m deep and 4m wide and runs the full length of the plot most of the trees are on "my"side of the ditch and we don't want to keep any of them , we have been advised to apply to cut them down but again can't understand why I need to ask permission?