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  1. Cheers mate , gives me a good idea and can work out a rough price before i spend 1k on an SE and then decide trusses it is 😂
  2. HI @Conorwhat size steel did you SE spec for the ridge , architect has suggested binning the trusses and going for a cut roof i can get the spans for glulam and work out a rough price but cant seem to find a steel span table and yous is similar to what i would need .
  3. And real men get one of these
  4. HI @Faz popped by this morning but i think i was a bit to early, came back after a coffee and a call and saw a nice orange transit but no crane ! then the office rang " how long will you be ? 🤬, glad it went well.
  5. Thanks for all the reply's , going to burn the small stuff, any reason why i shouldn't burn it on top of where we are going to build ? just trying to save some time and effort in moving it all the way to the end of the plot.
  6. @Redoctober that's good to know just under 60m from the road down the bottom .
  7. Thanks for the reply's , one young chap has already taken 3 loads as it was being cut up and is coming back for the rest during the week leaving the stumps and roots which will be dug out when the founds go in and then carted away, leaving the small rubbish to clear. i am tempted once all the good useable wood has gone to a good home to burn the rest as long as its not illegal .
  8. Today we finally got round to dealing with our trees , serious question, most of the big stuff will be removed but how much is considered acceptable to be burned on site as the small stuff is going to take forever to remove ?
  9. When i was talking to the timber frame boys i was told by more than one that once you reach .18/.17 that the extra insulation cost to go lower would make such little difference to my annual heating bill that unless i was doing this on principle it was not worth the outlay, and take that cost and invest in other areas of the build.
  10. decent guide for what is achievable with 0.34 at different cavity widths
  11. Hi @puntloos have you had any prices yet ? would you say your top. middle or low on labour rates where you are ?
  12. Cheers Bud , quicker and at worst cost neutral , worth getting a quote or two then.
  13. only just started to price 32 but looking like £15m2 for 150mm how does that compare with the best beads ?
  14. @puntloos just going to jump in on your thread , @PeterW i have 150mm cavities block and brick have asked for full fill 32 think this will give me .17 ? any benefit going to blown beads ?
  15. Thanks everyone for the advice and opinions , just to throw one more out there i have asked for a quote from 2 sips suppliers but still waiting for the numbers to come through (roof only) anyone ever put a sips roof on a masonry build ?