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  1. I read about this on the forum and started to panic as it was one thing i had not considered that might be an issue , but i found that E-on have no problems fitting new meters in this area , from the first call to instillation of the smart meter was 4 weeks , i will stick with them for now and shop around once we have moved in .
  2. No harm in shopping around especially when there are a lot of fees attached , just took a quick look at ours and the broker fee was £495 to us for her to arrange the deal .
  3. Do you have a copy of your building regulations? This will tell you what has been specified for your build regarding the type and amount of insulation for the floor walls and roof . Post it up and I'm sure you will get some good advice on anything that could be improved.
  4. Counter batton your tiles Full fill rafters with multi roll and put 100mm pir under
  5. Is there any reason you can't put 50mm under the rafters to get you to 200mm
  6. Hi @BartW im currently in discussion with BCP and they will do a basic design for free which in your case would not be of much use but for £100 they will do a detailed design, the questionnaire asks for all the details , joist depths and directions, web joists and size, and steels , with a lot of emphasis on steels placements and a caveat that basically says if you move the steels so it's different to the plan submitted don't blame us if your mvhr doesn't fit as we have planned it.
  7. This is the best thing about designing and building your own home , its all about what you want , like and need . As for materials and colours I would have black roof tiles and definitely go for clay whatever colour you choose as concrete ones age and start to look tired a lot quicker than you think.
  8. What £3K !!!!!! ours charges £50 for a single dwelling. And as above is still £49 to much for what you get in return.
  9. Yes , Yes and Yes 👍👍👍
  10. I looked into the foil systems and came to the conclusion they were not for me i forget which one on their website had a good guide to u value build up but seem to recall to get down to .12 still involved putting a large amount of PIR between the rafters with foil on top and below with air gaps between each layer which would be a PITA to install , in the end we opted for batten and counter batten, Procter roof shield membrane , 175mm full fill multi roll between the rafters and 100mm PIR underneath which gets to .12. if you want lower than this just up spec the multi roll, we used 40 but there is 37 , 35, and 32 available at additional cost .
  11. You can also start to get any surveys started that you may need particularly soil for the foundation design .
  12. When you say efficient do you have a value in mind ? and i assume the most cost effective way to hit it without cutting a lot of PIR
  13. Received an email this morning from the company i brought all our insulation from (Cut Price Insulation) saying they will be increasing their PIR price by 8-10% from 14th April .
  14. That somehow doesn't seem right !
  15. Did they give you any recommendations or alternative solutions
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