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  1. Check out Farrell joinery. Stair specialist.
  2. Hi Guys, Just wondering what you guys paid the your architect/technician per square foot. Talking to a few friends getting the wheels in motion there lately and the difference in prices seems to be huge.
  3. Nice wide workable founds for the Blockies
  4. Anyone used the Turley Precast tanks. No moving parts i believe and no annual service charge.
  5. Congrats DPMiller.. Let the fun commence...
  6. Second that.. Do not use cavity batts. Heard horror stories in relation to these. Moisture seeping through etc.
  7. Thanks Pro Dave that is exactly what he is after Only he will have soffit box. Is the valley rafter fixed to a wallplate or cut off and fixed to gable rafter.
  8. Hi Guys, Asking a question here for a friend who is due to start building in the next month. The valley rafter for the front dormer seems to intersect with the gable end rafter but we are both wondering how a connection can be done between valley rafter and the main roof rafter. Any ideas?
  9. There are mine, I am happy with the design and shape of them. The one that he initially proposed to you is hideous Nireland, no wonder the hips doesn't like it.
  10. WeeGaz, What 4G Router did you buy and how are you finding it. I still have the Sky broadband that me nor the wife use as the download speed is slower than dial up lol.
  11. A lot of contractors will take the floor area and multiply that with the general cost/per sq.m. You will need an elemental breakdown for the mortgage company anyway John W so get a QS to do it for you.
  12. Hi John, What house type are you building and what is the floor area. I had a QS do an elemental breakdown at the beginning I could send you. In saying that PIR insulation has went throught the roof and is going up again shortly.