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  1. Agree with Declan, ours looked over plans with no further fees. Our mortgage payments are paid out when builder (NHBC reg) confirms and then valuer comes out from Progressive
  2. One advantage is that they would ensure works are undertaken to the specification i.e. Plans. We debated this also, we decided to go alone, We have a good relationship with builder who has an excellent reputation and saves money.
  3. We have same concerns, high up on wall an option? Or just odd?
  4. Didn't take picture but this is them, what you think Nick? Should be ok?
  5. 24 volt system, Opted for myson mrte stats, pleased with how they look, fitted today and the heat is on ? thanks to all,
  6. Yeah kinda what we are after, cost is creeping up here thou ?
  7. I have a hostess trolley also, great storage! This a pic of the one he got us, my wife hates it and to be honest she's right ? Will google both these brands
  8. eve'in all, Just spotted our underfloor heating thermostat and asked our plumber for an alternative, seemed very bulky and dated, very ugly to be honest, he left an alternative which was worse, alomost yellow/white colour. He said the list is endless and take a look on internet, does anyone have any modern ones fitted e.g. Slim, low profile, white etc? The wife is in a fluster over these she said they look like a schoool technology room from the 80's ? Cheers
  9. Nice bathroom, that's how I'd like ours to look. I was concerned that lkea items may be a waste of money in long term. I'm impressed with Ikea bathroom items but wanted to hear what others thought.
  10. Meatballs...and a cinnamon..that's the deal done! Will take a look at bathcabz. Cheers for tip
  11. Good idea to use a QS to compare gender prices. In our experience contractors are unwilling to tender for works which require a detailed breakdown. With demand high for a contractors some won't even look at plans. All our responses included PC sums, some have been estimated ok and others such as electrics and plumbing have gone up. Ours is 2600 sft with a PC sum of 13500 for plumbing UFH and rads upstairs, MHRV but PC sum was revised and is now 15,000. PC sums are way out, budget 20 percentage for increases and unforeseens
  12. Alike some self builders I'm running low on £s, we are at the stage of picking bathrooms and it's proving costly. Has anyone ever bought a Ikea vanity unit with basin and what has been your experience, at £220 its seems good value compared to a Roca vanity unit at £450 but wondering...do you get what you pay for? Or should we opt for a good quality semi pedestal which is cheaper than Roca Vanity unit? Or go for an Ikea unit, looks good in my view. Any thoughts and tips would be appreciated.
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