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  1. It's reasonably easy to disassemble but it has a trough that collects fat residuals and if you allow boil over, it collects in one of two traps. The one underneath the hob slides out and we noticed that there was sometimes residual fat on top of the base. Don't get me wrong, it does tell you when to clean it and you have to rest its "brain" and all the parts are dishwasher safe. We did have a small plastic clip break off which controls the extractor to extract, left, right or centre of the hob. It perished after only 6 months of use but Novy were very helpful sending us the complete housing by special delivery from Belgium within a few days. Their 5 year warranty was very comprehensive too however, they have upgraded the One and I do like the Up version especially as you can configure it yourself. The Easy version is cool too.....https://www.novy.com/en-gb/service/information/catalogue/ Gutmann's, build quality is amazing and the combined extraction beneath has I believe, 4 processes of extraction, see below, easy to keep clean. The only major consideration is you may need 3 phase or, our electrical provider, Western Power will install a second cable when you are ready to dispose of your builders supply and re-connect the new build. You may think this is a little over the top for a hob but your spark needs to calculate power requirements if you are installing ASHP and car charging, a single phase may not be enough anyway. As a former chef, in my opinion, Gutmann are as close to a professional set-up in a domestic home as you can get and you will appreciate, lots of cooking in our house!
  2. We had the Novy One in our last house. Fantastic piece of kit. Our friends in Belguim have one and I was taken a back by the extraction power. Very cool motorised centre but a bit of a a pain to clean thoroughly. Gutmann is on our short list for the new build. I have seen the Bora in operation and I can attest that the extraction was not as good as our Novy.
  3. Try https://www.mayflowermortgage.co.uk I have no affiliation but they have an excellent track record
  4. It's a competitive market. We have had quotes from local, supply only through Kloeber, Vivafolio and IDsystems all but two have tried to secure the orders with buy now or prices will be increasing in January. Its a competitive market and like timber prices, fluctuates. Friend of mine works for a large timber merchant and he is saying that timber will be coming down within 8-10 weeks. Im not one to be bullied in to panic buying, some of these glazing companies have very large margins so I would encourage you to stand firm be prepared to walk away and tell them to take the hit off their margin.
  5. Good tip regarding the extra protection ?
  6. We’re probably taking the Lazenby route. How did it go?
  7. New builds won’t qualify, unfortunately. We’re still biting the bullet and having one fitted in our new build next year. https://www.greenmatch.co.uk/blog/clean-heat-grant
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