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  1. Recently spent quite a lot of money £20k on a kitchen+worktops from DIY Kitchens - never again. Their showrooms are very impressive so we ordered on line, doing our own planning on their on line planner which was relatively easy, and as it was lockdown it was the only way to do it. I think it's a shame as the reason I was buying from them was it's made in UK hence providing local employment. My nephew had purchased from them five years previously and was very pleased and, having seen it, I was impressed. The trouble is I think they've grown too quickly and taken their eye off the ball. Delivery is appalling. Over a two day slot so they can't specify which day. My personal experience was I cancelled arrangements for the weekend as DIY said they would deliver on one of those days, made new arrangements to visit friends far away, for the day after their proposed delivery date. Then had a text sent saying there was a problem and it would be delivering on our new rearranged date with our friends so I cancelled again. I couldn't miss the opportunity of not having the delivery. Drivers came who aren't very friendly. I didn't get a call or text to say how far away they were, they just knocked on the door, said my name and where do you want it! I suspect they don't like their job as they must get all the flack and complaints from customers. Such a shame as they were obviously a good company to start with. To top it all now it's arrived one of the doors is badly damaged so I have to wait for a new one ! What I don't understand is how other companies can give you a specific date and whether it will be a.m. or p.m. and you get a call or text from the driver saying an approximate time of arrival. DIY Kitchens need to look seriously at this as a good reputation is hard to come by but it can be lost very quickly.
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