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  1. yes, i have just retired as a head teacher and have taught Physics and maths to Alevel and Animal management. Now to put the theory in to practice!
  2. Thanks, from what you are saying a RPZ valve would not be sufficient?
  3. should have really stated that all i want is a tap..time to edit the post!
  4. Hi all i have managed to complete my own sewage application to scottosh water for a new connection(which was fun!) as i am settinng up a farm i want/need a water supply for my livestock. as such i need to prevent backflow. i was looking at an RPZ valve. Has anyone used such a system and if so what would you recommend? Regards fiaraz
  5. About to head down to steel merchants for a windturbine pole. i assume you mean something like this?
  6. Hi all, i need a way to get a van to my build site (cabin in the woods...withought the woods!) the ground is about 25cm of topsoil and glacial till below. It needs to be functional(pretty options later) and cheap. i was thining of dropping some MOT1, recommendations would be great and methodologies. Thanks
  7. morning all, i know i shoul dgoogle this but busy day so i thought i would ask. 110mm soil pipe comes in different colours, is this to do with some sort of specification for building regs? Regards fiaraz
  8. as an update, i hire dthe paslode ppnc35i(i think) pretty good but found it to be alot heavier than my hikoki and my wrist ached after the first 6 hours of work. it did speed things up buti am pretty good with teh ecrews. Thats the flooe joists done. i think i shall givethe screws a go for the roof. Glad i hired and not purchased.
  9. I have a hikoki and love it, just not so keen on missing the hole so wanted a positive placement, i do know what you mean in terms of screws but apparently that link i shared is for screws you can use in structural appliactions
  10. I looked at hiring the paslode, i like purchasing tools especially when i have three builds of one sort or another planned. BUt i may go down the route as wife isnt too impressed with me spending money on tools!
  11. i worry about shearng forces on a screw but really havnt decided on which one quite yet
  12. Thanks faz however they are not positive placement guns morover when a lot of sites they have them in stock when i call they are shipping from dewalt and dont actually hold stock
  13. I really hate asking this. In every aspect of my life joist = nails for every conceivable reason. However, i am time restricted and was really looking at getting hold of the DeWalt DCN694P2 positiv placement toy( all power tools still hold that excitement for me) every one is out of stock and i a left with a dillema, wait or...... screws, now not your every day found atthe bottom of my box screw but something like Opinions? product reviews? I actually hate the thought of screws... ahhhhhh Thanks in advance
  14. Thanks Joe 90, i know who to call (i am sure joe 90 was 10 ish?)wheni have an issue!