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  1. Big Neil

    ICF Window fitting

    sort of more confused now than I was before, but thanks. I'll take a longer look at home later
  2. Big Neil

    Trenchfill or Not, is not a binary decision.

    Smashing - taaaaa. On the subject of re bar someone mentioned above. Is there any real harm - cost aside - from 'throwing' some cage in during the pour as a sort of insurance, that is to say, would it do any particular harm?
  3. Big Neil

    ICF Window fitting

    I don't get window installation. Was trying to find a video on YouTube last night that would show me what I wanted but couldn't. So when you have an ICF house, lets say 100mm insulation inside and out, and you want stone cills on the outside, I just can't picture the buildup. What goes where to fill that hulking gap in the wall? Can anyone help with maybe a cross sectional sketch/diagram?
  4. Big Neil

    Aluminium windows

    could be anywhere! apart from the west coast of scotland, we've at least got scenery when looking out to sea. That view is bang tidy!!!
  5. Maybe consider Polarwall (assuming you haven't already discounted it), as Alan there is incredibly knowledgeable and extremely helpful. I believe Vijay on here is using that system.
  6. Big Neil

    Stud Walls - and Floor Structure

    quality stuff chaps - thanks
  7. Big Neil

    Stud Walls - and Floor Structure

    Just seen this @Declan52 - thanks. So essentially, short edge of the board as will always be flat, to end on a joist, but as the long edge will be perpendicular, needs to be tongue and groove. Sorry to seem dense but I just want to be sure. Seems there are so many products out there and everyone seems to have broadly conflicting opinions. I'm still a bit conflicted of course, having seen structural ply used before.
  8. Big Neil

    Powervault 3

    Just watched it - luckily at my desk at work... Quick note - I would make sure you're not with the wife and your kids are out at swimming when watched because the combination of smart batteries, mention of things being cheap and Maddie Moate bouncing around, is enough to send Pfizer bankrupt...
  9. Big Neil

    New car for my dad

    Firstly let me make it clear that historically, I have an issue with French cars. Just don't like them, i think they're generally lazy and there's usually some area that is overlooked, or poorly executed even if expertly conceived. We just got a Citroen C4 Picasso, 3.5 year old on a 63 plate, a smidgen under 30 thousand miles. Silver, not a mark on it, 4 virtually new tyres, virtually spotless interior, Bluetooth, reversing cameras and a couple of other bits and pieces like folding mirrors. 8 Grand at a dealer. I'm not saying there aren't better cars, but if you compare cars at that age, for that price, I don't think you'll get more car, unless you go way up in miles or way down on condition.
  10. Big Neil

    Stud Walls - and Floor Structure

    To be fair I was asking because I didn't know, and never said it was something volume builders SHOULD do, or that i wanted to consider the convenience of a future owner. It jyst seemed like it was a reasonable method. @Declan52 - so 8 X 2, T+G, P5 rated chipboard. Why tongue and groove and not straight edged?
  11. Big Neil

    Stud Walls - and Floor Structure

    also- is tongue and groove preferable or not and in either case, why??
  12. Big Neil

    Stud Walls - and Floor Structure

    Thanks - I'll look up D4 glue as I've currently no idea what it is - I thought D4 was Eminem's crew So is there a particular reason why you say chip board and screws as opposed to say Ply and Nails for example. Is it personal preference or is there something i'm missing? ooooo - is D4 glue that stuff that foams up??? Will this method actively prevent squeaks?
  13. Big Neil

    Stud Walls - and Floor Structure

    I really believe that if most people had a little bit more understanding about how things SHOULD be done, there would be less shoddy tradespeople around because they'd never be hired as people would know more about what was and wasn't acceptable. One of the things that had me asking about this was trying to understand the timing and process of installing underfloor heating with spreader plates upstairs. Seemed like it would involve less error putting walls up THEN putting down spreader plates etc etc. Logically speaking that still seems correct, particularly given that people are saying 'well if work is needed at a late point just cut the board and pull it up'. Seems a bit like saying you want decent structural integrity while you're erecting a building but if something goes wrong at a later point, well (expletive deleted) the structure just cut bits out and patch it up. I'm sure Peter is probably right, but for the novice I can understand (given that I am one) how general good practice, can seem counter intuitive when opposed to another seemingly reasonable option. I had previously though the existence of load bearing internal walls, an out skin whatever the type, and installed floor joists of the relevant size, was in itself enough structure. I now stand corrected. Tomorrow's question - Is it ok to have my toilet, in the middle of my kitchen???????
  14. Big Neil

    Sunamp installation

    is there any chance you could also add a diagram even just a hand drawn scribble if you get the chance, of the setup, describing (for the numpties amongst us who want to know) the various functions of each bit? The setup i'm most familiar with is having a normal bog standard combi boiler - no tanks, no UFH. Just hot taps, cold taps and radiators on the wall - so to speak. ...lovng the blog by the way, just discovered it a couple of days ago - very informative.
  15. Big Neil

    Sunamp installation

    At the moment no, I live in Manchester. Occasionally although too rarely at the moment, in the Oxford region