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  1. 'THermal Mass' as a phrase seems to me to represent most peoples understanding about energy conservation with a physical space (at least in the contexts i've seen it used). Maybe it's something which could be expressed as a figure which is arrived as by a combination of these things like u value - decriment delay - air-tightness and such like. If it doesn't really have number, why do we not give it one, or express it as a factor of these other measurements; 'My house has a thermal factor of 7 because it has a u factor or .19, has 1.2 ACH, but poor decriment delay.
  2. Big Neil

    Cleaning Oak Trusses

    Try 'soda blasting'. Just uses bicarb I think
  3. Big Neil

    Where's it all going?

    Can't you get doo-daaa's you can attach to taps which measure the water as it runs through?
  4. Big Neil

    Small ICF House

    @Sue B i shall read while i have my takeaway later with interest. I'd ask you why you might be poly-phobic but that would ruin the surprise.
  5. Big Neil

    Swellable water bar

    no idea what you mean?
  6. Big Neil

    Swellable water bar

    THanks @JSHarris. Is it another one of those products which one could use if going with a belt 'n' Braces approach, much like using rebar even though it might not be needed? I started thinking of the stuff in the link below in terms of repelling water. Is there a house based application for this?
  7. Big Neil

    Swellable water bar

    Would it work as an element of say a peel and stick building wrap, so: Peel layer (throw away) - sticky bit - airtightness membrane - waterbar type material - then another peel off layer?
  8. Big Neil

    Swellable water bar

    Riiiiigght, so it's like a water version of an intumescent strip then. Bang on. So why doesn't everyone use it just in case? For example when you've dry laid your first course on top of your slab and made sure it is straight, attach it along the joint between the two on the outside edge.
  9. Big Neil

    Swellable water bar

    so - is it sort of a dam you put on vertical joints to stop water travelling up the joint. Just watched a SIKA video for their project and just can't grasp it. Does it perform the same sort of function as a groove you might have cut in a stone cill to stop water coming back underneath?
  10. probably 2.4 X 1.2 then - seems the most common size. 2.88 m2 per board
  11. Big Neil

    Small ICF House

    See that seems like a reasonable idea to me - Possibly I would get the block dimensions in hand first, including data like web spacing, then get those varied onto the plans you already have before passing them on to each manufacturer. Have you any particular manufacturers in mind as it stands, even though you might not have decided thus far?
  12. also - i don't see a real problem with it but would love to see it exposed. Is it sort of best to think of it a bit like a ktichen sink - at least in terms of sealing it?
  13. Big thick layer of neoprene?? I know it's not a building material as such, but it (was) often used in power-lifting straps as a cushioning/weight distribution material - same for weight gloves. I had a chunk of it sewn under the base seat material of an Elise some years back and it worked there fine.
  14. Big Neil

    Small ICF House

    Although not exactly what I had in mind it's interesting to see that someone is having to work a variation of what i was thinking about. Throw a go pro on while you're doing it chap so we can see how it goes. Currently Manchester. I've been to see one in Gatley which was on pour day albeit i arrive don site about 30 minutes after the last lorry lad left. I'm waiting to hear from thermohouse if they have one anywhere i can see. Going to a home build show next week where i intend to speak with Nudura who I know are there, plus then if he is still in need of any help i will get to see Russel's in May. Can't seem to get hold of Alan at Polarwall at the moment but had been trying to find out when i could visit a project somewhere near Preston. If anyone knows of one near me though i'd be excited to bob along to any. I hadn't considered this actually, and exactly the sort of thing i was hoping to be pointed out. I guess you can't - fair point. Again - fair point, something else that seems obvious now but wasn't clear when I was thinking about it to start with My initial thought was to dry fit something a bit like the fox buck that fox blocks have, or jackon are just developing what amounts to a slips to close cavities (basically just a 700 kpa strip of XPS), and then support them as i see most people doing, with wooden bracing at the windows and doors. See i think this is an interesting idea - logical. I shall explore it more. Just to pass further comment i know the way I ask questions might seem strange, but it's really just down to the way i learn. So if i ask you could use a steak knife to cut rockwool slabs with for example, it's just because i've found a parallel and want to understand (aside from the blindingly obvious), the reasons behind this.
  15. Other than the feeling that the study off the drawing room looks a bit odd (such as i have how it would look pictured in my head) i think it looks fine. Probably the only thing I would think about adjusting is extending the upstairs in line with either Arthur or William's bedrooms on one side, so you can play around with the dividing wall between their rooms and give them a touch more space.