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  1. Better insulating properties, lighter so one would assume cheaper to transport, no requirement for vibrating and in parallel less likelihood of creating voids. But that's not the question really. If no one has thus far done it, I wonder why.
  2. Could a CLC/Foamed concrete of the appropriate mix be used instead of a traditional concrete mix in an ICF build? Is there a particular reason if not, why? I mean it's used in roads structure infill and such..
  3. +1 for this. For both the foundation and superstructure end of things.
  4. gotcha @Temp, thanks. So does metal conduit/sheathing/whatever anyone wants to call it, solve the issue? Is stuff like polybutylene pipe for water, or whatever other material might be used, an issue in the same respect?
  5. Firstly is this 6242B cable ok to be put directly in contact with EPS without risk to either? Have I got that correct? Also does the same code apply to things like speaker cable, cat 5/6/7 etc? In terms of cost balance does it make just as much sense to use something like the product in the link below and just use the cheaper cable?. How about back boxes for electrical sockets for sockets AND light switches. What should they be made from? This is not an area I had been aware of before.. https://www.tlc-direct.co.uk/Products/LFLS20slash10.html?source=adwords&ad_position=&ad_id=315107931576&placement=&kw=&network=u&matchtype=&ad_type=&product_id=LFLS20%2f10&product_partition_id=576185600542&version=finalurl_v3&gclid=Cj0KCQjwgLLoBRDyARIsACRAZe6IukJUky8zEwQqnQ8dgK3dlRp052P2gJTBFp8EePPY8cpN66l1TswaAoRhEALw_wcB
  6. slight segway, and it may seem an obvious thing to ask, but can someone please give a succinct explanation of the difference between a 'warm' and a 'cold' roof. Just so I can align my understanding with what it is.
  7. @mvincentd Do I see steels there in that first floor makeup? Who did you get to deal with them.?
  8. Say what now? Hold on, let me spin around and assume the position whilst you say that again...
  9. are there any in particular you could link. I just want to start with being able to do a kiddy house. A square, with 4 walls, a front door, 4 windows at the front etc etc.
  10. I like the neatness of them. nothing to get knocked against inside or blown about by wind. So ID systems do integrated blinds then. I shall take a look.
  11. I thought INternorm were the only people to do this. Obviously I'm wrong, but i'm surprised they don't trumpet it.
  12. so I can drfaw a box then define the lengths? What if i do this with a box then a second box on the outside. Can I then define the distance between the two, so as to show the width of the wall?
  13. It's principally doing something to a measure. drawing a line and then zooming in and out etc seems fairly easy, but I can't figure out the sizes, scales etc. I'm sure i'm being thick but I rarely find issues getting to grips with computer bits, but this drawing malarkey is getting to me. I was never any good at art so it might be the similarities frustrating me, when actually all I want to do is draw a box to show the size of a house and then draw on scaled internal and external walls etc etc.
  14. From the price of that picture, seems like there's something else that would be stretched, whilst they were jamming their fist up it!
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