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  1. Hi Do you have any photographs of he other elevations? Also who was your designer/architect? Thanks Dave
  2. Hi yep that’s a good point about a must system (gas) if so they have to be changed every 5 years which is expensive
  3. Ok thanks I have a mate who’s a fire engineer he said it would cost £3000 for the sprinkler system you need them at both exits and the kitchen just hope there is no width restriction for ambulance cheers Dave
  4. Hi is there a width restriction for an ambulance? i have a maximum of 3.1 meter width in a couple of places down a track (the track leading to the field gate is approximately 100 meters then the barn is another 100 meters with no width limit)leading to my land which I would like to get planning permission on my barn I had to put a drop kerb in for access to the field ( local council stipulated this for planning permission of barn ) I know I can get round the fire engine access by installing a domestic sprinkler system Has anyone else had any problems with ambulance access ? Mandy thanks Dave