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  1. The first plan of stair with landing tapered would comply with B Regs. Maybe not so pretty tho. The 1/4 landing mentioned by someone would have a single step at top which wouldn't comply.
  2. Fixed price all the way. Time and materials contract will spiral out of control fast. Unless you can financially incentivise the project manager to meet targets. say basic weekly wage for PM and then a bonus for meeting targets like meeting cost, time and quality targets. I don’t know how you would set such targets without professional advice from a QS. Be very careful not to allow contractor/PM to load payments towards the early payment. I have seen some horror stories Where PM has been given too much scope basically stealing materials and defrauding his client. Don't do it unless you are actively involved and very careful and remain suspicious/vigilant
  3. Don’t do it like this. It would be a bodge job. The company’s who upgrade conservatory roof have had structural engineers advice and from experience have to load test the completed roof to measure deflection in window frames to get BC approval. even then I don’t like it. Often the foundations and floors are substandard. I’d suggest tumble it and start again as safest route.
  4. I agree. Grout it. The small crevices will hold water and you will have lime scale and mould even if your substrate isn’t soaking. Not worth the risk
  5. Oh ? I thought he mentioned SIP panels roof under EPDM and your last post here discussed a warm roof. In that case and it’s a cold deck roof ignore all I said ? But advice stands if it’s a wam deck roof.
  6. How long is piece of string? Cost depends a lot on where you are located and how high your specifications are. Knocking it down and disposal won’t be the main cost it’s the rebuild. Any budget cost I would quote you are likely to be irrelevant.
  7. The cold timber deck between EPDM and insulation will be vulnerable to decay there is no doubt. To do this properly their should be a ventilated void between the deck and the insulation in your second option. You have been warned ? impermeable weatherproofing layers are usually laid direct onto rigid insulation from my experience. No issue with walking on insulation doing this?
  8. That explains sprinkler system. Three storey now & open plan GFL so no protected stair. All the same “no one has ever died in a building with a sprinkler system” stands but may not be code compliant.
  9. With a sprinkler system who needs fire doors. No one has EVER died from fire in a building fitted with a sprinkler system.
  10. I wouldn’t recommend timber between insulation and EPDM. It will get damp from condensation and be vulnerable to decay.
  11. Reviews are open to abuse and not trust worthy. Personal recommendation usually best. Or membership of a certification scheme like federation of master builders or such which will step in if unhappy. No guarantee but better than nothing
  12. Charters institute of building or royal institute of chartered surveyors or chartered association of building engineers with a specialised in building surveying. You will pay for their membership but have some comfort in expertise / professionalism
  13. BTW. Don't expect flat roof fitter to do or advise on joinery work or plasterboard, structural or insulation etc. That's not their specialism IE where they make their money. best to get a joiner to price and he can sub in the other trades as necessary. Also that brickwork pier looks way to skinny to be structural sound (unless there's a post in there) but suppose it's lasted this long. All very ropey work
  14. Yeah that all looks like a bit of a bodge job. Wall plate on outer brick leaf vulnerable to decay and No obvious lintel / beam over window to support flat roof joists. Window is doing a fine job of support tho lol. Joking aside it’s Not going to straight forward job to sort that out properly as there is so little depth to work with. Likely a heavy angle iron or channel section (consult a structural engineer) And as Dave said the ventilation is also a problem. Warm deck advice is sound under new weather proofing layer.
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