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Heating a building using an ASHP



We don't have a big information system on our ASHP.  I decided just to add electric meters as a way of seeing what is going on. Our home is just about 100m2 floor plan bungalow. 


Decided to run the water coils in the MVHR ducts just to draw out any air.  Left them on by mistake until we realised we were too hot but all the radiators were off!  After this I fiddled with the ASHP heating temperature. Decided to set the ASHP heating water temp to 31C last evening for the hell of it. Last night's outside temperature was about 8 degrees. Got up this morning it was 20.5 in the bungalow. Running an ASHP system is very different from a gas boiler! Is it ok to run the ASHP at 31C?


Presently I am finishing off the insulation in the loft and working on finishing all the pipe and duct insulation.  Once done I am going to record the results of the MVHR efficiency. Once this is done I am going to record the effect the coils are having on the inlet air temperature.


Good luck with your project







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