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ASHP on a flat roof



Not really having much information to go on when installing an ASHP on my flat roof, we decided to go ahead anyway. 


Questions that arose were about things like will it blow over, can the warm roof take the weight, can the warm roof take all the vibration,  will it wear away the EDPM, is the condensation OK to go into the soakaway, is there much maintenance required, how heavy is the ASHP,  can we get it up there, can we get the power up there, will the control cables reach where we want them, can we drill through the roof to get the pipes into the utility room without going through any services, can we waterproof the water and cable pipes to the EDPM, can the pipes be insulated.


Well we couldn't find definitive answers to all these questions but we decided to do it anyway.


So far, if we were to install it again, I would add to the list auto vents to both the flow and return pipes just before the ASHP as one has not been enough, and fitting later is a pain in the ...



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Looks great. Having grown up in Cyprus, the UK apprehension of fitting ASHP always amuses me. In most of Europe, you fit ASHP's literally anywhere - walls, roofs, gardens, patios! 


We're future-proofing our build to get an ASHP (we're on gas at the moment and) so running all the pipes/provision as required and ours will also most likely go on the flat roof (but above the garage in our case, so the noise issue is even less of a concern). I assume you've had no trouble with vibrations/structural noise from your current setup?

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Hi @SuperPav.


We have had no issues. No problem with sound or vibration.


We have to consider our flat roof because it has 200mm of insulation sandwiched between two sheets of OSB with EDPM on top.  


The 80kg ASHP unit may be able to compress the Celotex insulation and cause a problem, we will find out.


Good luck with your design



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